Why a Nutrition and Fitness Routine is Important

Establish and Stick to Your Routine Sunday was Father’s day and my neighbor invited me over for a family gathering. While I was deeply appreciative, …

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What Makes a Great Coach?

Father’s Day was yesterday and it had me thinking. We have a few people that refer to Coach Patrick or myself as “dad” and “mom”. …

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My Eyes Are Up Here

I was in the middle of a 2 mile run. I was on a huge wide road, no cars, clear as day. I’m on the …

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Sore from the gym? Take an Active Recovery day

Should I go to the gym or take a rest day? Yesterday’s workout was brutal. You woke up and the stairs looked like they always …

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Just Show Up

We get asked all the time, what do I have to do in order to lose weight, gain muscle, get better at double unders? The …

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Why “waiting until next week” or “starting over” is ruining your health and fitness

What are some reasons you have said you were starting over with your health and fitness? As soon as crisis happens and you hit that …

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Why we won’t tell you to cut fast food from your diet

McDonald’s Big Breakfast with hot cakes is 1340 calories. Wendy’s Baconator is 950 calories. If you are eating this once or twice a week this …

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Why Real Gyms Don’t Look Like Gyms

We opened our gym in Northglenn, CO to help people lose weight, improve their health, meet their fitness goals and learn about good nutrition habits. …

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Northglenn Health and Fitness

Sacris CrossFit is becoming Northglenn Health and Fitness. We wanted to be transparent in how we came to this decision. Greg Glassman, CEO of CrossFit, …

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Will lifting weights make you bulky?

“I know I should lift weights…but I don’t want to get too bulky” This is one of the most common fears we hear from women …

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