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thought I was fat as a size 0 teenager

Remember when you thought you were fat?

Remember when you thought you were fat? I do.

Found some old pictures of me.

I was always confident. Not typical of many women especially at that age.

I was 16 or 17.

I thought I knew everything. I never wanted help from anyone.

My mom and dad gave me that car you see in the photo. It was a 1973 Karmann Ghia.

I loved that car.

My dad loved that car.

He loved me SO MUCH he gave it to me when I moved out for the first time.

The clutch broke on it and I didn’t have money to get it fixed.

Instead of asking my dad for help, I sold the car.

Not only did I sell the car, I sold the car for $250 and I took that money and bought $250 in scratch off tickets.

I can’t imagine how that made my dad feel. He never said anything.

He’s gone now and I didn’t think about his feelings in that situation until he was gone. Some things you can say too late.

I should have asked for help.

Back to 16 year old Jennifer.

I always thought I was “fat”.

Can’t even blame social media for that back then.

Still, like I said I was confident.

That picture of me on my dad’s 1973 Karmann Ghia was taken by me in my childhood backyard using a tripod while I’m blasting 80s music from my Boombox.

Hit me with your best shot by Pat Benatar.

I took many many more pictures that day.

Dancing, posing.

Using a tripod because, again, why ask for help.

Lived on a corner and people walked by, drove by, I’m just doing my thing.

I had (still do) tics and back then they were mostly in my neck and eyes. Very obvious.

Lots of twitching.

Didn’t care at all what people thought.

They made fun of me.

They also made fun of my thighs.

I might have been confident, and not care about my tics and twitching in front of people – OH and the blinking, I totally forgot about the blinking – totally brushed it off.

But not my thighs. I hated my thighs.

They were HUGE.🙄

I was fat.

Well, at the time I thought those things.

Looking back, of course I wore a size 0!

I don’t know if I could pull a size 0 up over my calf now!

I think they only made fun of me because it was probably glaringly obvious that I was embarrassed by my thighs.

But It was the 80s and just like those 80s high school movies, life was full of bullies.

I could handle anything because I believed in myself. I was very strong in my mind.

Yet, thought I was fat.

Strange how the female brain works isn’t it?

I still think I’m “fat” on some days. I don’t use that language for anyone but myself obviously.

I would never want a client talking about themselves that way.

But it’s me, so it’s different.

You know, you might feel the same way.

But I ask for help now.

If I need to know how to do something, I don’t wait – I go to an expert and I get help.

I get help because I’m a professional and I know now that the way to get the best results in the least amount of time is to ask for help and do exactly what this person says to do.

Learn from their mistakes.

Learn from their successes.

And the time you save not making the same mistakes over and over again can be better spent doing other things.

Like looking at pictures and remembering when you thought you were fat.

If you want help with fitness, nutrition, I’m here. I promise I can speed up the process by skipping some of the mistakes most people make.

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