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Welcome to Northglenn’s #1 Women’s Personal Training Gym.   Individual Personal Training & Custom Nutrition Programs for Women. At Northglenn Health and Fitness, we specialize in helping women get the results they want – and here’s the key – keep the results.  Experience a supportive, non-competitive environment with our personal training, semi-private sessions, home workout plans, and expert nutrition coaching. Improve your health and fitness, whatever your current level may be!

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Marie working out at Northglenn Health and Fitness
I have always struggled with gyms and wasted a lot of money on memberships that were left unused because I felt awkward and didn't fit in. In 2022, I needed to really make a change.. and in my search I found NHF. I can't find the right words to express how grateful I am to have found this place. For the first time 'ever' I don't feel so awkward at the gym. There is no competition (other than with yourself). There is instead an exceptionally friendly atmosphere and supporting coaches (nutrition & fitness) who absolutely care about you and want you to succeed in your wellness journey. Wow, what a change! Workouts are not easy, but they can be scaled for what you can do.

After coming here for 8 weeks, my body has changed, clothes fit better, I 'want' to workout, I have better clarity (my brain is back!) and I'm making new friends! I have nothing negative to say about this place. If you're reading this review and are on the fence about signing up, DO IT! You will not regret it. Hands down, best gym in the area. Seriously, come in and talk to the owners Jennifer and Patrick, they are wonderful people and will set you up for success! Also, the members (myself included) will be there to cheer you as well.
Marie S.
Woman over 70 working out at Northglenn Health and Fitness
The changes that I've noticed since I've joined, I continue to gain strength, my stamina is better and at my age I'm also looking for that camaraderie, having people cheer me on and cheering them on. It's different from a big box gym you would walk into. Each day is different, we keep track of our progressions. The coaching is awesome! You are getting one on one while you are doing the workout with the other folks. It's a community. I've made some really strong friendships.
Kirsten results after personal training sessions
I absolutely love this place! They have really helped me reach my goals, making me more confident in myself! The environment is also very welcoming. I am always excited to show up to every session because it's a family like vibe nothing but great and caring people. I can't brag about this place enough. Please check it out! You won't regret it.
Kirsten D
Maria showing consistency at the gym
We love this gym! NHF deserves 5 out of 5 stars for what they do! I've been coming to this gym for 1.5+ years now, and it's one of my favorite places to go. When I started working out, I had no idea what to do or where to start. I never grew up learning how to incorporate exercise into my life as a regular routine, so I was very very new to all of it and I was so worried that I wasn't going to be able to do it. But here at NHF, the people are experts in their field and and they know how to help with whatever you're looking for at any stage you're at. They are a local business and small gym ran by great people, and most of the clients including myself are women, ranging in age from late 20s to 70s+. Whether you're looking to add to your exercise routine, lose weight and build strength, or supplement your physical therapy, or even just an all around novice who wants to take care of your body, NHF and their team will help you grow and get there at a realistic and healthy pace! Come check out NHF!!
Maria D

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