Meet Coach Jennifer

Meet Coach Jennifer, me (I’m on the right, with my adult daughters)! You may have heard about my husband, fitness coach extraordinaire. Athlete extraordinaire. I …

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95% of the Decisions You Make are Based on Feelings

Do you make 95% of your decisions based on feelings? According to Ryan Munsey, author of F*ck Your Feelings, you do. That number might seem …

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What is Your Why?

For those of you who haven’t met me yet…hi, I’m Becca, one of the newest coaches at Northglenn Health and Fitness. I wanted to write …

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Personal Training Trains you for Life

Personal Training trains you for life, you know, like playing darts. When you think of personal training, you might think of someone who is training …

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What can Personal Training at Northglenn Health and Fitness do for you?

Meet Cyndi! She is one of our athletes at Northglenn Health and Fitness! When you think of an athlete who do you picture? LeBron? Peyton? …

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5 Steps for Success

Before we give you the 5 Steps for Success, we will tell you a little story about successfully achieving a goal. When the latest Star …

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Low Cost Solution to your Health and Fitness might not be Low Cost

How long have you been looking for the low cost solution to your health and fitness… and how much has that cost you? Just like …

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No time to start a consistent workout routine?

Tamara came to see us on Monday and she was ready for change. She was ready to get back into the gym and start a …

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Drastic Change or Consistent Habits?

Drastic Changes Should we focus on drastic change or consistent habits? Drastic Change Doesn’t Work in other areas of our lives, why do we continue …

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Rewrite Your Story

Why is it so hard to change? If you read yesterday’s piece, you have found your “It” and your “Why”. Now we want to help …

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