Repair it or Spend on Something Else?

Repair your car or spend on something else? Do you fix your car or spend the money on something else? You’ve had your car for …

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Top 3 Tips to Improve your Sleep

Before we get into how to our top 3 tips to improve sleep, let’s talk about what we have learned so far. We’ve talked about …

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How Much Sleep Do I Need?

You know sleep is important. Without it we feel, well, we just feel off. You might be asking yourself, “But, how much sleep do I …

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Get to sleep faster with a sleep routine

Do you want to get to sleep faster? You finally crawl out of bed but you are disappointed with yourself once again. You don’t have …

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Do you need more sleep?

I’m sure you have read that you need 7 to 8 hours of sleep a night. Do you get enough? There are a lot of …

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Why Strength Training helps Weight Loss

Strength training is incredible for weight loss. Yet, “I don’t want to get bulky”, is said by almost every woman that comes in to meet …

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Gaining weight while husband is losing?

Yesterday, we talked about what a healthy diet might look like. But what if you are eating the same as someone else, yet not getting …

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What does a healthy diet look like?

This could be the shortest blog in the history of blogs. The diet you can follow consistently for the rest of your life that maintains …

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Eat cake and lose weight?

We meet with quite a few people that come and ask “Can I still eat cake and lose weight?” Actually they don’t really ask, they …

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Free Community Event on July 3rd at 9am

Join us this Saturday for a free community event.  Anyone in the area is invited to our Free Community Event, this Saturday! ​ ​ 9am …

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