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Maria lost 9lbs of body fat in 5 weeks

Lifestyle Change to Lose Weight vs Restriction and Deprivation

Do you want to lose weight, but feel like restriction and deprivation are not working for you? At Northglenn Health and Fitness, we understand that…

Coach Courtney

What does a day in the life of a Client Success Manager look like and why does your gym need one?

Coach Courtney is the Client Success Manager at Northglenn Health and Fitness. Courtney does it all! She is recently married, bought a house and is…

woman overtraining and exercising too much

Are you exercising too much?

When wondering if you exercise too much, or overtraining, you have to know what we mean by exercise. There are two top level types of…

Review Results of your progress

Why is it important to review results regularly with your coach?

At Northglenn Health and Fitness we review results with you on a regular basis. This might be every 3 weeks or every 90 days, but…

What is Northglenn Health and Fitness’s OnRamp Program?

Our OnRamp Program is designed for your long term success! When you meet with me we will go over what you are looking to accomplish….

Our custom plan for Barbara helped her lose 20lbs of body fat and it can help you too!

Whether you want to lose 20lbs of body fat, like Barbara, gain strength, or move without pain, the coaches at Northglenn Health and Fitness create…

Barbara Testimonial

Healthy Habits vs Counting Macros for Weight Loss?

You’ve tried counting macros for weight loss before and it worked! You lost 20lbs! Problem is, you gained it back, and then some. Hmm. Did…

Top 10 Gifts for a Fitness Enthusiast

Top 10 Gifts for Fitness Enthusiasts (or You!)

If your family is asking for inspiration to fill your stocking, send them this guide to the Top 10 Gifts for Fitness Enthusiasts! We have…

What happens when I skip a workout?

Today we will focus on what happens when you skip a workout. We start off with a good plan. Going to get in to the…

plate of cookies

I ate all the cookies, now what?: Restrictive Diets Don’t Work

You’ve been doing great! The past 2 weeks you stopped drinking any alcohol, cut out all the sugar, and hit the gym 6 days a…

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