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Check your Posture. No really, right now.

Do you ever notice that we get lost in what we are doing and we are not paying attention to important things, like our posture?

Is your jaw clenched? Are you sitting up straight? When is the last time you looked out a window, or even better, stepped outside for some fresh air?

How is your Posture?

Today we’d like you to pay attention to how you’re sitting. Set a timer for every 15 minutes to check it. You’ll be surprised at how often you go back to your normal way of sitting.

When you think of posture, think of the letter H. Feel like we are back watching Sesame Street? Our posture problems probably didn’t affect us as much then as they do now.

Head, Hips, Heels

We should be striving to stack the H’s directly on top of each other. When sitting your HEAD should be directly over your HIPS.

When running or standing our HEAD, HIPS and HEELS should form a straight line.

Any deviation from the HEAD leads to a breakdown in the rest of the chain.

Think about riding a bike or driving a car.

If you look off to the side for any length of time, the rest of our body tends to follow – leading us to veer in that direction.

How about when you are in the gym lifting. Coach Patrick is constantly telling you where to look. If your eyes go up, your body will go backwards. If your eyes go down, your body will go forward.

You look straight ahead when doing movements in the gym, whether it’s lifting, running, squats, etc. If you are looking away, your body will follow.

The same thing happens with our posture – we go where our head goes.

Check your posture throughout the day. What helps you stay head over hips while being seated?

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