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Nutrition Questions? Play a 5 Minute Game that Gives you ALL the Answers

You might have nutrition questions. Heck I have nutrition questions and I have 3 different certifications and am currently enrolled in a 4th. There is just so much to know and understand about nutrition and the answers are different based on where you are in your journey!

But today we are going to play a game. A game that is so simple, yet so effective, in understanding the answers to your questions. So before we begin, I need you to grab a piece of paper and a pen.

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Success Leaves Clues to the answers of your Nutrition Questions

Success Leaves Clues

If you have nutrition questions, odds are you want to be a healthy eater, or someone who leads an active lifestyle. But for the purposes of this game you could even want to be an astrophysicist and you would still get the answers you need. Here is what you should write at the top of your blank page: If I want to be a really successful _____________, what do other successful _________________ do?

You can go ahead and fill in astrophysicist if you like, but I think for this we will stick with “healthy eater”.

If I want to be a really successful healthy eater, what do other successful healthy eaters do? Because success leaves us clues.

People that are successful with being healthy eaters most likely:

  • Plan their meals so they aren’t left unprepared when life throws them curveballs
  • Grocery Shop regularly to be sure they have the foods they need at home
  • Know how to cook a few healthy meals so they can prepare food for themselves
  • Plan ahead for nutritious snacks for their day so they are not left ravenous after lunch time and before dinner
  • They probably drink mostly water and very limited sugary or alcoholic beverages
  • They are most likely moving every day in some way, at the gym, on walks, taking the stairs instead of the elevator
  • They have healthy boundaries with their time and take control of their schedule
  • They prioritize good sleep
  • They do these things exceptionally consistently and are successful at the boring everyday things that matter
  • Make or add your own

Opposite Day!

Our human brains are really good at looking for threats to our comfort and the negatives that might “save us” from changing. Sometimes when we get stuck on the “Success Leaves Clues” way to phrase it, we can think of it the opposite way. 👇

If I wanted to crash and burn and fail as miserable as possible at being a healthy eater, what would I do?
Turn your paper over and write this down.

If I want to be a really UNsuccessful healthy eater, what would I do?

TOTAL opposite of what we wrote above right? If I want to be a really unhealthy eater, so much so that my unhealthy eater habits would land me with needing round the clock medical care, injections, amputations, lots of pills, immobility, high blood pressure, etc. what types of things would that person do:

Most likely they would focus on doing these things, right?

  • Drink large amounts of sugary beverages
  • Eat large amounts of sugar
  • Be as sedentary as possible
  • Eat out all the time so they are never in control of what goes in their body
  • Have junk food all the time
  • Stay in social environments where people judge you for trying to be healthy
  • Stay in social environments where people are trying to pull you back from being active
  • Stay as sedentary as possible

Feel free to add your own! Let’s go crazy with the choices we can make daily if we want to be focus on being an unsuccessful healthy eater.

Track for 24 Hours and Let Me Know

For the next 24 hours carry both of those lists with you and make marks next to the ones that you do that day from both sides.

What are you doing with your actions that lead to success and what are you doing with your actions that pull you backwards? Don’t judge yourself if you don’t like the results. We aren’t judging you. We want you to take this as an opportunity to find check marks from one side and remove check marks from the other side. We hope this “exercise” helps bring awareness of your daily habits. Forward, Backward or Neutral.

If you are ready to start focusing on your nutrition, fitness, or just becoming an active person, send me over your list and I’ll send you some suggestions! jennifer@northglennhf.com – You can also ask me for my Top 10 Healthy Eater Habits!

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