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Looking for Personal Training Gyms for Everyday People?

Are you looking for Personal Training Gyms for Everyday People and can’t help but think.. are there personal trainers that want to help “someone like me”? At Northglenn Health and Fitness our gym and personal training studio is not just for bodybuilders or bikini models. In fact we have exactly zero people that are focused on those goals.

At Northglenn Health and Fitness, we provide personal training for everyday people. At if you are reading this, we are a personal training gym near you.

Personal Training is for You If…

1. You Need Accountability: A personalized plan serves as a roadmap for your fitness journey. This level of accountability can make all the difference. You’ll know exactly what you need to do to achieve your goals, which can help you stay committed and consistent. Not to mention your coach will be there waiting for you with a big smile on his/her face!

2. You Don’t Want to Get Hurt at the Gym: Your personal training program takes your current fitness level and any existing injuries or limitations into account. This means your workouts are not only effective but also safe. You’re less likely to experience injuries or setbacks.

3. You Want to Enjoy Your Workouts AND Ensure they are Effective: When you opt for a personalized training program, your workouts are customized to align with your specific fitness objectives. And we meet with you every 4 weeks specifically to discuss your plan and ensure you are enjoying each and every sessions. Whether you aim to build muscle, shed pounds, improve endurance, or enhance athletic performance, your program will be strategically designed to get you there. Imagine doing workouts designed for your body instead of a group class that doesn’t address your specific needs every single session.

4a. You are Too Busy to Try and Figure it Out on Your Own:  Your Personal Trainer has a plan for you for every second you are in the gym. It’s purposeful. There’s no time wasted on exercises that don’t contribute to your goals. This efficiency ensures that your workouts are effective, even if you have a busy schedule.

4b. You are Too Busy to Try and Figure it Out on Your Own:  Your Personal Trainer and you will align schedules to be sure your sessions work for you each week. Even traveling out of town won’t stop you from progressing. We will adjust your sessions to be done with you on video, adjusted for a hotel gym, or even at home. We have your back, and we will make it stronger!

5. Say Goodbye to Plateaus: Hitting a fitness plateau can be incredibly frustrating. A fitness plateau is when your progress comes to a standstill, and you feel like you’re stuck. Personalized training programs are structured to minimize plateaus by regularly adjusting your workouts to challenge your body in new ways.

One of our clients, Kirsten, has her personal training sessions with Coach Patrick at 5:30am 4 mornings a week. She has 2 little ones at home and needs to get her workouts in before her husband goes to work. She shows up every morning to a Coach that makes that hour one of the best of her day. Her smile says it all. It could be the 4lbs she just found out she lost too! 😉

At Northglenn Health and Fitness, our experienced trainers are passionate about helping you succeed. We take the time to understand what you want for your health, weight, strength, LIFE – then assess your fitness level and create a training program that’s tailored to YOUR unique needs. Our goal is to provide you with the knowledge, support, and guidance you need to make you love fitness and reap the benefits.

If you’re ready to explore the world of personal training and discover how it can solve a lot of problems you have had with gyms before, or move past plateaus, or even start new – book a free consultation with us today. Let’s work together to turn your fitness dreams into reality.

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