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Intentional vs Unintentional Habits – Manage using these 4 Daily Targets

You have habits. Some intentional and some unintentional.

Do you stop at Starbucks on the way to work everyday? Are you getting up at 2pm for your afternoon pretzels? Or do you hit the 5:15am class at Northglenn Health and Fitness before work?

Each of these habits didn’t exist at one point. Then they did.

Habits: Intentional vs Unintentional

Intentional habits start because we have goals and we decide to take consistent action to reach them.

Unintentional habits create themselves because we aren’t intentionally planning our time, day, week.

So what do we do about these bad habits once they have started?

Add some good ones in around them.

We don’t expect you to cut out those pretzels each afternoon, but maybe drink 8oz of water next time you get that craving. Go for a walk, do 10 air squats. Add in a good habit prior to your afternoon cravings and slowly those new habits will stick and the old ones will be replaced.

Start Slow but Manage Habits to Reach these 4 Daily Targets

  • SLEEP: 8 hours of quality sleep
  • EAT: real food only – if you haven’t planned your meals for the week – do it and set yourself up for success asap!
  • MOVE: Get physical activity 30 – 60+ minutes a day
  • MANAGE: find 10 minutes each day to focus on YOU – this can be breathing exercises, yoga, meditation, gratitude journaling or reading!

As you work on improving these individual areas, you will find the numbers that feel right for you.

I can’t promise your targets will match our suggestions exactly. I can promise though, intentionally focusing on habits that will improve these areas will help you reach your goals faster than not taking control and just letting unintentional habits add up.

Book a meeting with one of our coaches to set up habits that will work for you!

PS – Do you have any daily habits that you intentionally set?

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