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Personal training at NHF helped Dion gain confidence to show up for herself. She lost 60lbs of body fat and gained 12lbs of muscle. But most importantly, she’s living her best life.

Dion is living her best life, and you can too! With Personal training at Northglenn Health and Fitness she’s excited about coming to the gym!

“In terms of my body, I was super overweight and not fit. I was sedentary, so going into a gym I really didn’t fit in.

Personal Training at other gyms

Even when I worked with a personal trainer, they had an agenda in mind for what they thought that I needed, which didn’t really fit the things that were going on with my body or for me.

I have arthritis throughout my whole body, premature arthritis. In addition to that, I have disc degeneration. I have two slipped or herniated discs in my lumbar spine. I have a knee that needs to be replaced, ankles that give out at any moment, hands that give me pain so many times.

Personal Training at Northglenn Health and Fitness

Here at Northglenn Health and Fitness, I’ve never felt judged or I’ve never felt belittled because I couldn’t do anything, and in fact, the personal trainers and the people that I work with all really helped to lift me up and to make me feel like I can actually go forward even before I started getting stronger.

There’s not one person I’ve ever met that works here that I don’t get along with. Amazing. Now I have this amazing life. You know what? I still have issues that I’m dealing with, but now that I’m not sedentary, I know that I’m living my best life.

I didn’t jump. I do now. Actually, going up the stairs was an issue for me. I went up one stair at a time. Now I can actually run up the stairs and in fact, I can run, and I couldn’t do that before. I could barely walk for half an hour.

I released 60 plus pounds in body fat, and then I gained 12 pounds in body muscle.

Anybody who’s coming in, I just want to tell them, one, you’re worth it, and two, you’re not alone.

If you’re using your body as a reason for not coming in, come talk to me. I’ll tell you about all my ailments and let you know how the personal trainers here altered what exercises I did so that I got the same exercise that everybody else did and got the benefit of the strength training from it.

I’m actually impressed that I have the muscles that I do. I never in a million years thought that I would ever be able to do that.”

Her story is unique to her but her former problems were not unique to many people we meet with to get started. We have people come to see us because they can’t get up off the floor on their own. Or they avoid being in pictures because they feel ashamed. We hate that people are feeling like this and we are encouraging you to have the courage to talk to us. we can help. Join Dion and don’t let your physical body hold you back any longer. We got you at Northglenn Health and Fitness!

Don’t let your physical body hold you back from life any longer.

Are you tired of avoiding activities with your family? Not having enough energy for your kids or grandkids? Are you avoiding shopping for clothes or is getting dressed in the morning an experience you have come to dread? No one deserves to live every day like that any longer. We can help, all you have to do is show up.

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