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Break the Cycle: Create Small Habits that lead to Big Change

Creating new habits might seem like a huge undertaking, but it doesn’t have to be.

Big change from small habits all start with what YOU want.

If everything is perfect the way it is, don’t change anything, this isn’t for you. And congrats!

If you know there is something missing, you aren’t feeling your best, etc. and you want to cultivate new habits without feeling overwhelmed, keep on reading!

By focusing on simplicity and consistency, even the busiest of people can integrate positive changes into their lives.

Step 1: Start Small, Think Big

Today is Day 1. Begin with a manageable task.

Just like brushing your teeth, it’s an automatic part of your day; no thinking, no fuss.

Start with small, daily tasks and do not add complexity.

Keep the big picture in mind, but focus on the small steps that will get you there.

If you currently drink 16oz or less of water per day then increasing your water intake by 4 ounces a day = small.

If you currently only eat 1 meal a day and the rest of the day you are snacking on things just to get by, you shouldn’t try to cook 3 full meals today from scratch by using ingredients from an organic garden you heard about from your most health conscious friend. I got tired just writing that sentence. That’s a recipe you can’t eat, a recipe for failure.

Step 2: Consistency is Key

In the initial phase, consistency is crucial.

Performing your new habit for just 5 to 10 days in a row WILL create the momentum you’re searching for.

Consistency breeds familiarity and, eventually, turns effort into instinct.

Regardless of whether you ‘feel’ like doing it, maintain the discipline to do it every day. You don’t feel like brushing your teeth every day but you do. You don’t wake up excited about it. You likely don’t think about it one way or another.

You just do it.

Because you’ve been doing it for years. Remember, it wasn’t always this way.

Step 3: Build a Supportive Environment

Surround yourself with people who are either pursuing similar habits or who support your goals.

A conducive and encouraging environment can greatly enhance your probability of success.

Seek accountability from family and friends, a coach, or join a gym with similar goals.

Ahem, I know of a good one 😉

Step 4: Eliminate Chaos

As you form a new habit, you’ll notice a reduction in chaos and uncertainty in your life.

The feeling of not knowing what to do next or anticipating the next bad thing to occur begins to dissipate.

This is the power of establishing order through new habits. You begin to take back control of your life.

Step 5: Keep Going

Once you’ve reached Day 10, keep the momentum going.

The journey from Day 10 to Day 90, and then to Day 365 becomes increasingly effortless as the habit becomes ingrained in your daily routine.

Remember, the journey to Day 365 doesn’t happen without starting at Day 1.

Step 6: Celebrate Your Wins

Acknowledging your progress is vital. Celebrate the small wins along the way.

Every day you stick to your new habit is a victory. This positive reinforcement will help solidify the habit and encourage you to keep going.

Step 7: Reflect and Adjust

Periodically assess your progress. If you notice you’re struggling to maintain the habit, reassess and adjust as needed.

Modify the habit to better fit your lifestyle or break it down into smaller, more manageable components.

It’s easy to try to do too much.

That’s the biggest area people go wrong.

You have to be willing to try something different than what has never stuck in the past.

“But hey, Keto, Whole30, Cabbage Soup Diet, 500 calories a day, cutting out all carbs (insert whatever extreme you did here) worked for me once and I lost a million lbs in 30 days by doing this, so I’m going to do this again!” – Isn’t an example of something that worked.

If it doesn’t stick long term, it didn’t work.

You didn’t dive in and really get that foundational change that people need.

After everything is said and done, starting a new habit doesn’t have to be a chore. That’s what you should get out of this.

We just make it a chore! (Because we like to overcomplicate things)

By staying consistent, building a supportive environment, eliminating chaos, and celebrating your wins, you’ll create the momentum necessary for long-term change.

The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

So go on, win today, and let each day be a stepping stone to a better you!


  • Start with manageable tasks.
  • Maintain consistency.
  • Surround yourself with support.
  • Eliminate chaos and uncertainty by establishing new habits.
  • Celebrate every win, no matter how small.
  • Periodically reflect and adjust your approach if necessary.

Coach Jennifer – your accountability coach, your cheerleader, standing in your corner.

ps. Click here to send me an email at jennifer@northglennhf.com and put “I need new habits!” in the subject line and I’ll send you my 15+ tip guide “The Lazy Girl’s Guide to Big Change with Small Actions” It will give you habits to choose from and tell you where to start.

pps. Or let’s cut out the middle man and just get started. We have high accountability, low accountability and high tracking options available when it comes to incorporating habits that lead to big change. Click here to book a call with me!

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