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Motivated to come to the gym? After 16 sessions Sarah shares how she got her groove back at NHF.

At Northglenn Health and Fitness, we deliver an experience (not just a workout) where each client feels motivated to come to the gym. Sarah B. , wife, mom & dental assistant, shared how she feels after 16 workouts and we are thrilled with the consistency created by her new motivation!

Support and Encouragement to Get You Motivated to Come to the Gym

Our coaches in our semi private personal training sessions move with intent from one client to the next, ensuring everyone is met with encouragement and expert guidance. They’re the voice whispering (or shouting!), “You can do it,” and the nudge you need to push you to go beyond your limits. It’s this support that has Sarah saying, “I look forward to coming into the gym every week! And get sad for once when I can’t make my class!”

Let’s Not Forget Safety To Keep You Moving Properly and Avoid Injury

Every session is designed and delivered with your safety as our top priority. We ensure every piece of equipment is secured and every heavy lift is done with your coach. This environment is not merely about rules but about fostering an environment where you know the ‘why’ behind each action.

Personal Connection Because we are All Different

Each client has a unique story, and we listen to every word, noting every detail, whether it’s a new hobby or a personal challenge, so we can connect and support you on a deeper level. It’s in these ways that our coaches connect with Sarah B and all of our clients that turn your fitness journey from a simple transaction to a blossoming relationship with nutrition and fitness.

We Celebrate All Victories, Big and Small

We celebrate engagements (we have had TWO recently), new jobs, and every personal breakthrough! We document your progress, capturing the wins so we don’t become so focused on the big picture that we miss the little details. It’s the sound of the Gong resonating through our space that marks each victory with a note of joy and pride!

Time is No Longer a Limiting Factor in coming to the Gym

We value your time, ensuring each session starts and ends on time. We program every movement to optimize each session, so you can integrate fitness into your busy lifestyle. If there’s extra time, we use it to add stretches and mobility work, leaving you feeling refreshed and ready to face the world! Our 1:1 personal training sessions are based on your and your coach’s schedule. Our semi private personal training sessions are set times throughout the week that will get you in and out on time!

A Coach is Always Here to Help you Become Motivated to Come to the Gym Before you Are

Sarah has been with us for 16 workouts. 16 workouts is not 1,000 yet right, but you can’t get to 1,000 without passing 16! If it’s been a while since you made it 16 workouts without skipping, definitely contact Jennifer to have a chat. Showing up consistently can be huge in creating the motivation you need to come to the gym. Sarah is not just a number in our system and she can feel that. NHF is about creating a space where, as Sarah puts it, you can “look forward to coming into the gym every week!”

“I have to say……you and Jennifer are amazing humans! Thank you both for taking me on this journey. I look forward to coming into the gym every week! And get sad for once when i can’t make my class! I am noticing small changes. 😉 still struggling with hitting my protein carbs and fat but i am staying positive and just keep trucking along.” – Sarah B

Sarah B., NHF Client

Our mission at Northglenn Health and Fitness is to make every client feel valued and celebrated, just like Sarah. We invite you to step into a world where fitness is a journey of joy, safety, personal connection, celebration, and respect.

Ready to be our next Sarah, to embark on your transformative journey with us, and to experience the genuine care and attention that Northglenn Health and Fitness offers?

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