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How to Reduce Belly Bloat in 7 Days

You can reduce belly bloat pretty quickly, belly fat however takes a bit more time. Why? Bloating is often caused by excess gas production or…

Why is Fiber So Important? Soluble vs Insoluble – Let’s cut out the confusion!

Fiber is crucial for good health, playing a key role in maintaining a healthy digestive system, aiding in weight management, and preventing various diseases. But…

Processed Foods: Are You Eating Poison? Our Non “Sensationalists” Thoughts

In our fast-paced world, there are days when reaching for processed foods can be the most practical choice.

Whether it’s due to a tightly packed schedule, limited access to fresh ingredients at the moment, or simply needing a break from the kitchen, processed foods offer convenience and quick hunger relief.

It’s important to acknowledge that everyone’s circumstances are different, and sometimes, these ready-to-eat options allow for mealtime to fit easier into a hectic day.

Stop Getting Fitness Advice From Your Hairdresser

It’s easy to fall into the trap of listening to well-meaning friends or family about fitness. Perhaps your hairdresser suggests that lifting weights will make you look “bulky” or a coworker shares the latest fad diet. These are both things I have heard from multiple people, multiple times. I get it – you are nervous and scared about starting something new.

You want to take just a few steps to reach the top of the mountain – but that’s not how life works. You can’t skip steps and change tactics every time someone has you moving in a different direction because you’ve listened to their latest gossip about health and fitness.

While their advice is often well-intentioned, that doesn’t mean it’s based on the scientific understanding of health and fitness. Just as you wouldn’t expect a lawyer to know how to fix your home’s wiring, fitness advice should come from those trained to understand the complexities of the human body.

You Can’t Skip Steps: Why Your Personal Trainer at our Gym in Northglenn won’t have you Skipping Steps

Skipping steps might have be fun when you were a kid, but you can’t skip steps any longer! At least not these steps. Your health…

Skip the chaos, let’s change eating behaviors

After our fun yesterday of what not to do with your eating habits, it’s time to get serious and talk about the right ways to change eating behaviors for optimal health and nutrition.
Let’s dive into some habits and how you can integrate these practices into your daily life for sustainable, healthy eating habits.

How to continue irregular eating habits: A misguided guide

If you’ve ever wanted to get better at irregular eating habits, look no further! Our misguided guide to continue the craziness is going to be a great start – or continuation of the progress we might already be making! Let’s explore how to do everything we shouldn’t (wink, wink).

Making time for what matters from your friendly neighborhood personal trainers!

Treating your fitness and nutrition routine like any other important commitment in your life is crucial. You wouldn’t leave a significant event like your child’s school play to chance; similarly, scheduling your workouts, meal planning / prepping, and grocery shopping ensures they become non-negotiable parts of your life. It’s about making health a clear priority.

Meal Planning? Yuck! Surprises are more fun!

Why meal plan when winging it is much more fun! Right? We all love a good surprise and what’s better for our health and weight loss goals than having no idea what you will eat when you get home from work? Or who needs to schedule their time at the gym, I mean you’ll have more time on accident right?

Why You Might Feel Bulky After Working Out

There’s a persistent myth in fitness, especially concerning women: the fear that weightlifting or working out leads to a bulky appearance. I am here to…

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