Fear of Change: Are you Seeking Permission to Not Start?

It’s human nature to have a fear of change, especially when it involves stepping out of our comfort zone. This fear often shows up as a cycle of endless questioning, endless purchasing of supplements, or equipment. Or seeking reassurances or excuses that make it easier to quit.

This pattern can be a significant obstacle to achieving anything new or anything that will inject change into our current routine. This post, I hope, might help you see why we often seek permission to quit or not start, without realizing it at times. I hope it reminds you that every time we stop and start again, we are further from our goals, making the path to longevity and health even longer.

It’s ok to be scared of change. But it’s also ok to change because the fear of what happens if we don’t change can be much greater.

The Cycle of Endless Questioning

When faced with the challenges of a new fitness routine or nutrition plan, it’s tempting to look for reasons to back out.

We might find ourselves asking questions not just for clarification, but to find an escape. “What if I don’t like vegetables?”, or “What if I don’t have time to exercise after I start?” These questions, while they can be valid, often serve as a way to delay change.

The Psychology Behind the Fear of Change

Change is intimidating because it comes with uncertainty and the potential for failure. But it’s also essential for growth. When we contemplate significant lifestyle changes, our fear of failure can lead us to seek validation for our doubts.

This often results in a cycle where we ask enough questions until we find the justification we need to quit—or never start.

Long-Term Impact of Quitting

Every time you quit, the changes you need to make don’t go away. And the distance between where you are now and where you want to be grows longer. When you eventually start again—and most people do because the desire for health and longevity never truly fades—you’ll find yourself further from where you once were, both physically and mentally. It’s a tough realization that the time lost could have been spent making incremental improvements.

How to Break the Cycle

  1. Set Realistic Goals: Start with small, manageable changes that don’t feel overwhelming. Success in these can build confidence and reduce the fear associated with larger commitments.
  2. Seek Professional Guidance: Instead of looking for ways out, consult with professionals like personal trainers and nutrition coaches at Northglenn Health and Fitness. They can provide the support and accountability that keep you moving forward.
  3. Focus on the Process, Not Just the Outcome: Celebrate small victories that come from consistent efforts. This shift in focus can reduce the pressure that leads to fear of failure.
  4. Understand Why you considered Starting in the first place: Is it because you want to live longer? Is it because you are in pain when you move? Well, are you no longer in pain? Do you no longer want to live longer? If you still want those things, is another question going to help you get started faster, or is it delaying the inevitable?

What to do Now?

Change is never easy, but it’s necessary for achieving lasting health and fitness. Instead of seeking permission to quit or to not start, do something today to move yourself forward. I have a ton of resources available right on this blog that you can start with. If you won’t do it on your own then get support from people that care and can help – like your personal trainers and nutrition coaches at NHF.

Remember, every day you stick with your plan is a step closer to your goals, and each interruption is a step away. Let’s do this together and move steadily towards a long strong life free of pain!

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