Step into the the Shallow End, Until You are Ready to Dive into the Deep

Stepping into a new fitness routine at Northglenn Health and Fitness (NHF) is like when you step into the shallow end of the pool. We have to do that before we learn to dive. This is the start of a well oiled process designed to help YOU succeed. Yes…… even YOU. 🙂

We understand the common fears that can hold you back—fear of being judged, fear of not knowing what to do, fear of not fitting in, or even fear of change. Because we’ve been down this road before and we know what to expect.

It’s normal to feel these concerns, but at NHF, we’re committed to helping you overcome them, ensuring that nothing stands between you and your health goals.

Whether you have never spoken with us, stepped foot in our doors and decided to wait, or if you are a former client – we want you to WIN. We are here and will always be here and this is how we will show up for you.

But first…. What is happening while you are waiting.

The Real Cost of Waiting

Delaying your fitness goals can make existing health issues worse or create new ones. It’s important to recognize that avoiding the start of your fitness routine or new way of eating only increases the mental and physical toll, making the journey more challenging and more scary.

Common Fears and How NHF Helps

  1. Fear of Change: Change is challenging, but it’s also rewarding. At NHF, we ease this transition by providing a welcoming and supportive environment where every member’s movement and body starting point or nutrition starting point, is analyzed. That new starting point is our starting point for you as well. Not your brother’s starting point!
  2. Fear of Quitting: Many worry about starting because they fear they might quit. Quitting is usually because we have started on a path that is too difficult or too overwhelming. Or that we have unrealistic expectations of ourselves. We tackle this by setting realistic, achievable mini goals and adjusting them as you progress. This helps you feel continual success and motivation. We can’t only focus on 1 year goals without setting the mini goals along the way. One year goals take, well, 1 YEAR! We have to focus on things we can control – like showing up and making choices that are sustainable and not doing too much too soon.
  3. Feeling Out of Place: Worried about feeling stupid or not fitting in? NHF prides itself on its community spirit. Our trainers AND clients create a non-judgmental atmosphere where questions are encouraged, and every WIN is celebrated. No one can even walk in our doors without first chatting on the phone with Coach Jennifer. It is her main goal to preserve the caring and supportive environment and weed out any rotten fruit before they get a chance to spread negativity to others.
  4. Fear of Being the Only ‘New Person’ or the Only One in ‘Bad Shape’: You’re not alone. Everyone at NHF starts somewhere, and many begin where you are now. Yes, you! We meet you where you are ,starting everyone with AT LEAST 4 sessions of one-on-one coaching to ensure you never feel left behind. After that you decide if you want personal training or semi private training!

Remember…waiting doesn’t make the pain go away. Waiting doesn’t make the energy levels increase.

You don’t have to start with us, but you have to start something.

If you haven’t – we are here. We are ready. Even if you’ve been in before, we miss you, we want you back at it!

Taking the first step might be the hardest, but with Northglenn Health and Fitness, it doesn’t have to be a dive into the deep end. Let’s stick in the shallow waters until you are ready to dive!

You don’t have to go through this alone.

Ready to get started with us on your health and fitness journey? Having a coach can take away the confusion and SPEED up your results!

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