You Can’t Skip Steps: Why Your Personal Trainer at our Gym in Northglenn won’t have you Skipping Steps

Skipping steps might have be fun when you were a kid, but you can’t skip steps any longer!

At least not these steps.

Your health and fitness is much like climbing a staircase or hiking up Mount Bierstadt which is only about 65 miles from Northglenn, CO by the way. Lots of steps to get there! Each step is necessary, and skipping any can mean missing out on foundational growth and understanding, not just rolling our ankles!

Why can’t you skip the basics and train the way your son trains? Why can’t you skip the basics on nutrition and eat the way your personal trainer eats? We are going to explain why each step in your fitness and nutrition plan is worth NOT skipping and why looking for shortcuts will set you back.

Understanding the Importance of the Each Step Along the Path

Just as you can’t be ready for calculus if you didn’t complete 2nd grade math, the path to climbing to the peak of a 14er starts with a single step, every step of your workout —from the initial habits to the 100th workout. Each step builds on the previous foundation that you have built. This incremental progression is crucial because it helps your body adapt without overwhelming it.

It also ensures that you build the strength and stamina required for more challenging tasks ahead.

Why Skipping Steps Doesn’t Work

Skipping steps in a fitness routine can lead to several issues.

  1. Increased Risk of Injury: Jumping into advanced workouts without proper preparation can lead to injuries, setting you back even further than you were when you started up again.
  2. Lack of interest in Showing Up: It’s already hard enough to find time to hit the gym. Hitting the gym and feeling like the workout you are doing is scary and harder than you are ready for, either mind or body, while your personal trainer is yelling at you to keep going, will make the best of us feel awful. You won’t show up at any gym if you feel awful about yourself.
  3. Unsustainable Results: Quick fixes might yield quick results, but these results are often hard or impossible to sustain. I haven’t met anyone that only want temporary results.
  4. Misaligned Goals: Adopting the fitness or nutrition habits of someone with different goals doesn’t just risk inefficiency—it can completely derail your progress. If you ate like Coach Colin does for his goals, you would be packing on the pounds and living in the gym.

Why Do We Have the Temptation to Skip Steps?

Many people look for shortcuts in their fitness journey, even without realizing that is what they are doing. And in the end, who doesn’t want a shortcut? Why wouldn’t you want quick results and think that getting there would be doing exactly what their Coach does or their son does? There is a way to get results and that is by doing the things that are foundational and keep building on them. However, there is a way to speed up that progress as well, without skipping steps.

The Right Way to See Progress

The most effective way to see progress is to start with the foundation. Take one or two, maybe three, areas and focus on habits within them to sustain and build upon.

Fitness, Food, Water, Stress, Sleep, Mindset.

Continue adding habits into your day from these areas and work on them daily until they are a normal part of your everyday. Just like brushing your teeth is. That didn’t happen overnight. You had to be reminded, and you had to keep doing it until it’s a completely mindless exercise now.

Yes, it takes time, but I promise you if you started this 2 years ago, you would be further along than you are today. So start now!

The Right Way to Speed Up Progress – Without Skipping Steps

Hire a coach. Bottom line. It works to get results faster than without. We have clients from nearby like Thornton and Brighton, as well as Commerce City and Morrison. They work with a personal trainer at Northglenn Health and Fitness because we don’t skip steps.

They want a personalized approach because they have been in situations before that made them feel uncomfortable and want to quit. Our personal trainers and nutrition coaches ensure you work on the right things at the right times. And THAT is how to feel like you are skipping steps, without rolling your ankle!

Our personal trainers and nutrition coaches ensures that:

  1. You Start at the Right Step: At Northglenn Health and Fitness our 6 Sessions Assessment process details where you are in your fitness journey and starts you at the appropriate level.
  2. Your Progress is Sustainable: Our personal trainers and nutrition coaches ensure that your progress is reviewed regularly, adjusting your plan as you grow.
  3. You Avoid Common Pitfalls: Experience helps us help you navigate common mistakes that could set you back.
  4. All You Have to Do is Show Up and DO the Things We Tell You Will Work: You show up because you’ll enjoy, you’ll do the work because it won’t be complicated.

You can’t scale a thousand steps in one leap; similarly, substantial health transformations require patience and persistence and consistency above anything else.

Mimicking someone else’s regimen or looking for shortcuts might seem like a way to speed up your fitness results, but just as you wouldn’t hand the car keys to your kid without a few lessons, adopting a fitness or nutrition plan you aren’t ready for will be unlikely to get you to your destination any faster.

Ready to get started with us on your health and fitness journey? Having a coach can take away the confusion and SPEED up your results!

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