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If you are reading this, we assume you are a member of Northglenn Health and Fitness!

These are member links, your links, to make sure your journey in personal training, semi private training or nutrition is filled with everything you need to achieve your fitness goals!

If you are not a member yet, no worries, we would love to get to know you! You can set up a time to meet with Coach Jennifer (me:)) to get started by clicking this link here. We are always looking to expand our community of awesome people who want to focus on health and fitness vs extreme change and non lasting results! If you have a physician, chiro, physical therapist, or anyone else on your support team – we want to be a part of that ecosystem. The more support you have in your corner, the better!

Athlete Check In – Meet with the Owners

What is an athlete check in? Who is an athlete? What am I doing here?!

An athlete (you, YOU are an athlete now!) is anyone who does intentional exercise. You may not get paid to be in the Super Bowl but you are doing much more than getting up and down off the couch to change the channel. (I know, I am totally aging myself – what’s a channel? why would you have to get up!?). Those were the days where we had to move all the time and it was easier to stay in shape. Now everything is so darn convenient. We don’t have to get up and away from our screens.

But that is why you are here! So let’s make the most of our time together.

You started because you have goals you want to achieve. We have clients that want to lose over 100lbs and we have clients that want to live a long and active life with their families pain free, and anywhere in between! Your goals might even change along the way. We have people that start with a weight loss goal and they end up enjoying lifting weights or resistance training so much that they now have goals of increasing their bench press or their deadlift! I mean, wow, what a change to make in mindset. What a great feeling to LOVE exercise again, or maybe for the first time in your life!

We have an appointment with your for an athlete check in with you after your first 30 days so we can:

A. Make sure WE are holding up our end of the bargain! (we got you!)

B. You are progressing towards your goals!

C. Your goals: Have the changed, are they the same, are they expanding?

Here is that link again to book your check in. We do it after 30 days and then every 30, 60, or 90 after. That cadence is up to you and your coach. These check ins are included with your membership!

Programming Check In – Meet with your Coach

Everyone who starts with us will sit down with their programming coach to review their initial program. Coach will design your program based on your current fitness level as well as what you would like to accomplish.

You will have a 3 to 6 week cycle depending on a lot of different factors, one being your personal preference.

Once your current cycle is reaching the end, you will repeat this process so your programming coach can review your new programming with you.

These appointments are important to attend so you can ask questions and be involved in your fitness journey.

Nutrition Check Ins – Meet with your Coach

Think of your body like a highly efficient delivery system, sort of like a mail service. Everything you eat gets broken down and enters your bloodstream, which acts like the postal service of your body. This ‘postal service’ delivers nutrients and energy to all your important ‘addresses’ – your heart, lungs, brain, blood vessels, liver, and kidneys.

Now, imagine you’re sending packages to these places. If you send good, helpful packages (which is like eating nutritious foods), you’re essentially providing them with tools and resources to work well. This keeps your body feeling good and functioning properly. On the other hand, if you send packages that are not so good (like eating unhealthy foods), these can clog up the system, or even damage it, making your body struggle to do its job. This can leave you feeling not so great and can lead to health problems over time. As well as hang on to this extra body fat that could be contributing to that not so great feeling.

So, when we talk about good nutrition, we’re really talking about sending the best packages through our body’s delivery system. This helps keep everything running smoothly, making you feel better and helping you live a longer, healthier life.

If you are a nutrition client here are the links you need to schedule your onboarding and your check-ins.

Onboarding – 60 Minutes

Nutrition Check In – 30 Minutes

If you are not a nutrition client and would like to have a 15 minute Nutrition check up with Coach Jennifer, schedule it here. Make sure to read and follow all instructions to get the most out of your time!

CoachRx – Follow your Program

CoachRx is where your workouts will be delivered. Whether you train with just you and your coach in personal training, in a very small group of people in semi private training, online at home or another gym with custom programming or some combination – CoachRx is where the magic is at!

Your workout will be available for you to review ahead of time in CoachRx so you know what to expect. If you are in personal training, your coach will log your results for you and if you are in semi private training, you will log your results. The results matter because each week we will see our improvements, so every workout we have wins! And those wins keep you wanting to hit the gym. The more consistent you are with your gym routine, the faster the results will come. It’s just facts, Jack.

You would have received an email to download CoachRx and instructions to login in. Make sure you do that right away so you can be involved in your fitness journey from Day 0! If you can’t find the email, use the links below to download the app and login.

CoachRx for Android

CoachRx for iPhone

Kilo – Memberships, Payments, Documents

Kilo is our gym management software.

Kilo is where you can login and see when your next personal training, semi private, or nutrition appointment is.

You can also update your payment information here as well as sign any waivers, or other documentation.

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