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how to track your food

How to Track Your Food & Why You Might Want or Not Want to Start Tracking

Want to improve your health and fitness? Learn why tracking your food is might help you. And explore different methods to find what works best for you.

protein packed snacks for walks and hikes

5 Protein Packed Snacks for Walks, Hikes, and Food Emergencies

Tired of reaching for processed snacks when hunger hits? Discover five protein packed snacks you can prep in advance and take on your walks, hikes, or stash in the fridge for those “lack of food” emergencies. Stay energized and healthy with these delicious and nutritious options!

Why is Fiber So Important? Soluble vs Insoluble – Let’s cut out the confusion!

Fiber is crucial for good health, playing a key role in maintaining a healthy digestive system, aiding in weight management, and preventing various diseases. But…

Processed Foods: Are You Eating Poison? Our Non “Sensationalists” Thoughts

In our fast-paced world, there are days when reaching for processed foods can be the most practical choice.

Whether it’s due to a tightly packed schedule, limited access to fresh ingredients at the moment, or simply needing a break from the kitchen, processed foods offer convenience and quick hunger relief.

It’s important to acknowledge that everyone’s circumstances are different, and sometimes, these ready-to-eat options allow for mealtime to fit easier into a hectic day.

Skip the chaos, let’s change eating behaviors

After our fun yesterday of what not to do with your eating habits, it’s time to get serious and talk about the right ways to change eating behaviors for optimal health and nutrition.
Let’s dive into some habits and how you can integrate these practices into your daily life for sustainable, healthy eating habits.

How to continue irregular eating habits: A misguided guide

If you’ve ever wanted to get better at irregular eating habits, look no further! Our misguided guide to continue the craziness is going to be a great start – or continuation of the progress we might already be making! Let’s explore how to do everything we shouldn’t (wink, wink).

Meal Planning? Yuck! Surprises are more fun!

Why meal plan when winging it is much more fun! Right? We all love a good surprise and what’s better for our health and weight loss goals than having no idea what you will eat when you get home from work? Or who needs to schedule their time at the gym, I mean you’ll have more time on accident right?

Does your dog eat better than you do?

Does your dog eat better than you do? about how your diet impacts your well-being? Sometimes, the answer to healthy eating might just be a…

Busting the Myth: Targeted Fat Loss

For many of us women it’s the abdominal area, arms and upper legs. Let’s talk about that today. Targeted fat loss, or what’s popularly known as “spot reduction.” It’s tempting to think we can focus solely on those spots. But let’s look into what is actually possible and focus our areas where we will get the best results!

Why we don’t believe in meal plans

When it comes to nutrition, one of the most common approaches I have seen people try is the use of strict meal plans. Through my…