Meal Planning? Yuck! Surprises are more fun!

Why spend precious time meal planning when winging it is much more fun! Right? That time can be better spent on a good surprise when you get home and surprise yourself with trying to figure out what is for dinner. What’s better for our health and weight loss goals than having no idea what you will eat when you get home from work?

Or who needs to schedule their time at the gym, I mean you’ll have more time on accident right?

Popular Steps to your Health and Fitness destruction! Tell us your favs!

Disregard for Planning

Who needs to plan their meals or workouts? Keep going with the fun feeling you get when you are eating whatever you find and working out whenever it accidentally happens. Remember, the element of surprise adds flavor to life – especially when it comes to your food choices!

Priorities, What Priorities?

Let’s just forget about prioritizing health and fitness. Instead, focus on the urgencies of life like binge-watching your favorite series or attending every social event. Exercise and healthy eating can always wait, right?

Preparation is Overrated

Why bother preparing meals in advance or packing your gym bag the night before? Go with the flow and see where each day takes you. After all, adventure is found in the unknown, like not knowing what’s for dinner until you’re starving.

Action? Maybe Later

Taking action towards health and fitness goals is something you can always start tomorrow, or perhaps the day after. Procrastination has its charm, doesn’t it? Delaying healthy choices adds to the excitement of life!

While this approach is purely in jest, it sheds light on the things we do on a regular basis to sabotage our health and fitness… and then wonder why we are stuck in the same cycle. Stay tuned for our next post, where we’ll discuss how to correctly add habits to take away these surprises that add more anxiety than joy to our blood pressure!

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