Making time for what matters from your friendly neighborhood personal trainers!

After our recent tongue-in-cheek look at what not to do yesterday, it’s time to focus on using your time more effectively and the magic that happens when you finally get on the plan train!

Making time for What Matters

Treating your fitness and nutrition routine like any other important commitment in your life is crucial. You wouldn’t leave a significant event like your child’s school play to chance; similarly, scheduling your workouts, meal planning / prepping, and grocery shopping ensures they become non-negotiable parts of your life. It’s about making health a clear priority.

If it is a priority.

Step 1: Anticipate Challenges

Life is unpredictable. By planning ahead for potential obstacles, you’re less likely to be thrown off course. For instance, meal prepping on a Sunday can be a lifesaver during a hectic week, helping you maintain healthy eating habits even when time is tight.

Keeping a prepared meal in the freezer or fridge at all times will help you make that healthy choice when life throws you curveballs.

Step 2: Set Your Priorities

Consciously deciding each week that health is a top priority keeps your goals in clear view. When you actively choose to put nutrition and exercise on your weekly agenda, you’re aligning your daily actions with your long-term wellness objectives.

Just like our personal trainers schedule your personal training sessions into their personal calendars and the Northglenn Health and Fitness gym calendar – because it is a priority for all of us, you have to treat these appointments as a priority too. We have some clients who travel in from as far as Brighton (I know not that far!), Commerce City and even Morrison! So their schedule needs to take into account family, work, just like everything else, but also traffic and other things that can affect their commute.

Having it on your calendar or whatever method you use to plan your time, shows other people you can’t be booked over either. And you should also be sure it’s communicated to anyone who normally feels they have access to dictate your time.

If it matters to you, act like it matters to you by making it a priority.

Step 3: Create Healthy Rituals

Small rituals, like packing a nutritious lunch the night before or getting your gym bag together for the next morning workout, sets a foundation for consistency. These habits become ingrained in your daily routine, making healthy choices more automatic and less of a struggle.

When those have been mastered add others! I promise over time, just like brushing your teeth, these habits will happen without much thought or effort.

Step 4: Take Action

Starting with small steps, such as following through on the plan you set out. Taking a quick walk or a brief meditation session, can lead to significant changes in motivation and habit formation. This approach encourages the habit of action, building the momentum necessary for lasting health changes.

At NHF, we’re all about these manageable yet powerful steps. It’s not just about what you do occasionally; it’s about what you do consistently. Planning, prioritizing, and preparing are key ingredients in the recipe for a successful health and fitness journey.

We’re here to help you turn ‘I can’t’ into ‘I did,’ making healthy habits a simple and expected part of everyday life. Remember, each small step is a victory in its own right!

If you can’t find the time but you really want to, not just lip service, reach out. I promise we can help. It is harder to see areas of flexibility or change, or even a tiny window, when you are deep in the weeds.

Can’t wait to get started!? Us too! Set up a 10 minute chat with us to get started with your new habits!

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