How to continue irregular eating habits: A misguided guide

If you’ve ever wanted to get better at irregular eating habits, look no further! Our misguided guide to continue the craziness is going to be a great start – or continuation of the progress we might already be making! Let’s explore how to do everything we shouldn’t (wink, wink).

Hurry Up and Eat

Why savor your meal when you can gulp it down in record time? Eating quickly is an excellent way to ignore your body’s signals of fullness, potentially leading to overeating. Plus, who doesn’t love that overstuffed, uncomfortable feeling?

But why do we end up so hungry, what choice do we have when our bodies are screaming for food?

Chaotic Meal Planning

Plan your meals? How mundane! Live life on the edge by deciding what to eat at the last possible minute. Rummage through your fridge for anything edible, or better yet, order takeout because you forgot to shop. Who needs the boredom of a well-thought-out meal plan when you can have the thrill of culinary chaos? And let’s not forgot, not having a plan always results in the fun step above – Hurry Up and Eat!

Maximum Distraction

Eating without distractions is so last year. Let’s do that multitasking stuff no one says we do well, by eating while watching TV, scrolling through your phone, or working on your laptop. The more you’re distracted, the easier it is to lose track of what and how much you’re eating. And never mind that your cravings won’t be satisfied because… if your mindlessly eating chips while distracted so you don’t taste them.. does it even count?

While this guide is entirely tongue-in-cheek, it highlights what we at NHF suggest you avoid. The truth is, mindful, regular eating habits are key to a balanced and healthy diet.
Stay tuned for tomorrow’s post where we’ll dive right into ways to approach your eating habits for better health and wellness.

Remember, despite our playful tone, we’re all about healthy, consistent eating practices here at NHF. Let’s leave the nutritional chaos behind and step into a world of mindful eating.

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