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3 Ways to Lose Weight Fast for Our Personal Training Clients in Thornton, Northglenn and Brighton

You are getting stronger, feeling more mobile during the day and your energy levels have increased but you also want to lose weight fast! You could follow the steps below and lose weight in 2 weeks.

If your clothes aren’t fitting better and if you are still feeling sluggish at times, we have 3 Ways to lose weight fast for our clients at Northglenn Health and Fitness. These 3 tips can help you too, even if you aren’t a personal training or semi private training client in Northglenn, Thornton or Brighton.

We believe in making this journey as straightforward as possible. No fancy tricks, just practical steps that anyone can follow. Let’s dive right in!

1. Increase Lean Protein Intake

One of the keys to successful weight loss is maintaining a balanced diet. And when it comes to diet, lean protein should be your best friend. Not only does it help build and repair muscle, but it also keeps you feeling full for longer, reducing unhealthy snacking.

Here’s the data: Studies show that a diet rich in lean protein can boost metabolism and aid in fat loss. But we don’t want to bore you with numbers; instead, let us tell you a story.

One person here has lost 5lbs of body fat, while gaining 3lbs of muscle just over the last 30 days!

2. Hydration Matters: Increase Your Water Intake

It’s amazing how something as simple as drinking more water can have a significant impact on your weight loss. Staying hydrated is crucial, as it supports your body’s metabolic processes and helps control appetite.

The data speaks for itself: Research indicates that increased water consumption can lead to more significant weight loss. But let’s keep it simple – staying hydrated is the way to go!

3. Plan Ahead for Success

Now that we’ve covered the ‘what,’ it’s time for the ‘how.’ Planning ahead can make all the difference. Take a moment to determine your favorite sources of lean protein, and then schedule how you’ll incorporate them into your daily meals.

Get out our 7 Day NHF Planner and fill in all 21 boxes with what your protein sources will be for each of your meals.

Take the time to prepare each meal before you need it. I always say, if today is Friday and you are just starting to think about dinner at 5pm, then today is over. It’s time to get ahead (plan) and think about dinner for tomorrow night. Make sure your plan is future thinking.

Lose Weight Fast and Keep it Off

No need for complicated meal plans; just focus on practical steps. When you plan, you’re more likely to make healthier choices consistently. And that consistency is the key to keeping that weight off that you lost.

If you lose weight in 2 weeks from following these steps and then you go back to your regular eating habits afterward, you are very likely to gain it all back.

You have to add these things into your regular lifestyle and keep them there until you find the right balance to lose weight fast and then keep it off long term.

How can we help you lose weight fast at Northglenn Health and Fitness?

Remember, there’s no need for fancy words or sensational promises here. We understand that change can be challenging, but it’s also incredibly attainable when you prioritize your health.

I’ve got tons of content on this blog about losing weight, gaining strength and just overall feeling better in your everyday life. Information is wonderful, but at some point you have to take action on the information provided to you.

Most people don’t do that on their own and that is why we exist. Our personal training clients live all over the area from Northglenn to Morrison, Brighton to Westminster, Thornton to Erie. We are here for people who want to make a change and are ready to be provided the specific solution. You just have to follow it.

If you will do it on your own great, like I said the answers are all in my blog. But don’t feel bad if you need a coach. Most of us do.

What to do once you have hit a plateau?

If you’re ready to take the first step or have questions about crafting a personalized plan that works for you, don’t hesitate to schedule a 10-minute chat with us. Together, we can make your weight loss journey a smooth and successful one.

In the end, it’s all about making healthy choices a part of your daily life. Weight loss isn’t meant to be fast, certainly took years to gain the weight, but these practical tips can really help that weight loss come off faster than it would otherwise. And it’s in a very healthy way, which is key to lifestyle change. So, let’s get started today!

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