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5 Steps for Success

Before we give you the 5 Steps for Success, we will tell you a little story about successfully achieving a goal.

When the latest Star Wars film comes out, Coach Patrick is all over getting tickets to go see it in the theatres. Truth be told, he probably goes to see them 2 or 3 times in the theatres.

He really likes Star Wars.

Coach really wants to see the movies as soon as they come out.

No waiting until the day it’s released to buy tickets.

Not checking for movie times the day it comes to theatres.

He plans, he prioritizes.

Tickets paid for online ahead of time.

Calendar is blocked ahead of time, and nothing will get in the way.

He takes action to make it happen.

Why shouldn’t we do the same for our health and fitness?

Date night, school recitals, book clubs, game nights. We all have activities we plan for.

From getting out hair done, nails done, bringing a bottle of wine to a friend’s, scheduling time for appointments- we all know how to plan and prioritize.

We don’t put half of that planning or investment of time/money in our nutrition and fitness, and we wonder why we are still where we are.

5 Steps to Be Successful

This week we tried to give you all the steps you need to make a true change. If the change you want isn’t related to health and fitness, these steps still apply- just change the goal.

Here is a summary for you that we hope can help!

  1. Decide on your goal and understand why it is important.
  2. Step away from familiar negative habits. Rewrite Your Story.
  3. Start Small. Add in 1 new habit vs trying to do it all at once.
  4. Analyze your time. Stop wasting, start planning.
  5. Analyze your spend. Stop wasting, start investing.

When you are ready to work on your goals, set up a time to meet with our personal trainers in Northglenn.

Remember, it isn’t all or nothing. It is attainable as long as you are consistent and you follow the plan.

We can give you the custom plan to make it happen!

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