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Low Cost Solution to your Health and Fitness might not be Low Cost

How long have you been looking for the low cost solution to your health and fitness… and how much has that cost you?

Just like we discussed yesterday, you have to make decisions about where your time is going – let’s add money to that list as well.

Where your money goes, your results go as well.

Cheap Gym Memberships

You might currently pay for access to equipment at a GLOBO gym. I imagine that’s from $9.99 to $60/ month.

You walk in and look around and then end up on the treadmill. Maybe you are brave enough to hit the machines every once in a while, but without a coach / personal trainer, you don’t really know what you are doing.

The other people in the gym don’t make it any easier either.

But the low cost solution is just enough for you to keep paying each month. And you spend it whether or not you use it. Because you never know…

If they had the answer, they wouldn’t need the contract.

If they had the answer that worked for you, you would have achieved what you set out to already.

Internal Change Does Not Come From External Purchases

You can’t “big purchase” (tv, car, shoes), or drink your way into happiness, energy, and a longer healthy life.

Working out at home might be better so you go buy that exercise bike. Where is it at now?

The first week is good! The second week it turned into a place to hang things up on.

Then you decided to go buy the latest tracking device to track your steps. You wear it and you saw the steps go up, now you are seeing them go back down.

Money for a cheap gym membership that doesn’t give you the low cost solution you were looking for.

Money for an exercise bike and a fancy watch.

You have money for weekends, and maybe some weekdays, at the bar, eating out, fancy coffees.

Invest in your health and fitness, the right way. You’ll end up saving money in the long run.

Treat Your Health and Fitness (Life) as Your Most Important Asset

Cheap answers get us cheap satisfaction.

They don’t make you dig deep.

They don’t provide lasting improvement.

We spend money in those categories without batting an eye, but when it comes to the most important thing we have in life, us – our health, we want cheap and easy.

After those nights out, after that stress relief fix, you still wake up the next day in the same, or worse, place that you went to bed.

If you are still in that cycle, you haven’t explored your “Why“.

We talked in that article about knowing what your goal is, deep down, not surface level. And why it is important to you. Again, deep down, not surface level.

Is the money you are spending going to get you to your goal?

Are there categories you should reduce spending in to be able to invest in your long term self?

If you are trying to keep up with the Jones’ that will not give you happiness.

You can take one step today to kickstart a change that will give you what you really want and not feel restricted.

Yes, a fitness and nutrition program that does not restrict you.

It is simple. It is effective. But you have to be coachable.

When you tell your coach what you want, and they tell you the solution, you have to listen and follow through.

These are just facts, Jack.

Coach Jennifer

p.s. My goal is to help you.

When will helping you become your goal?

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