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What can Personal Training at Northglenn Health and Fitness do for you?

What can Personal Training at Northglenn Health and Fitness do for you? Meet Cyndi! She is one of our athletes at Northglenn Health and Fitness!

Athlete in personal training session

When you think of an athlete who do you picture?

LeBron? Peyton? Serena?

When we think of athletes we are picturing our members.

Their goals, families and their time in and out of the gym.

They come in different shapes, sizes, colors, genders.

But they are all also similar to each other, and even similar to LeBron, Peyton and Serena:

  1. They show up when they say they will.
  2. They listen to their coach.
  3. They are all aiming to improving on where they are now.

With Personal Training at Northglenn Health and Fitness you will get:

  • A workout based on your body, your strengths/weaknesses and goals.
  • A schedule that works around you.
  • Coaches that create an environment that makes you want to show up.

With Personal Training at Northglenn Health and Fitness you won’t get:

  • Bleeding hands and flipping tires. It makes some people feel bad ass, we’d rather you get results.
  • An ego filled environment with screaming coaches and grunting jocks.
  • Coaches that let you quit on yourself.

You can read more about Cyndi and her story. It might just sound like your own. This is from her 5 star Google Review of Northglenn Health and Fitness:

There is SO much that is amazing about this gym! I have always hated the gym environment. Even when I was reasonably fit, I always felt self-conscious and inadequate at the gym. Then, I gained about 100lbs and all of those feelings were magnified by a thousand.

Enter Northglenn Health and Fitness. I was introduced to this fitness center when I signed my child up for the kids fitness class. He loved it. I found myself sitting there at his class twice a week, wishing I had the time to work out. Then I decided to ask Coach Patrick if it would be possible for me to do some personal training while my kid was in class. That conversation was life changing.

I was certainly terrified to have my first workout, but that fear lasted all of two seconds once I got started and realized that the entire program was tailored around where I was at that moment. He modified things each session so that I could do them successfully and correctly.

I was amazed at what I was able to do and how strong I was becoming. I soon started to feel like a legit “athlete” and started to look forward to going to the gym!! Even typing that seems unbelievable to me, but it’s true! The true testament of my progress came last month when we went to Florida and decided to take a snorkeling tour.

It was such a wonderful experience…until I had to get back into the boat! Every other boat I have been on has had a ladder that extends at least part way into the water and down the side of the boat so that you can get your footing and climb back in. Not this boat. The ladder stopped mere inches below the water line! I panicked trying to figure out how I was going to maneuver my legs up to the the lowest rung (which was seriously at about neck level) while also grabbing the top rung and pull myself up!

As it was, I had already been forced to don a wetsuit. I didn’t need any more public humiliation! So, I gave the ladder a go. I couldn’t believe that I was able to successfully contort my body and hop back into the boat with no pulled muscles or torn ligaments! I know for a FACT that the the “functional fitness” techniques that I have worked on at Northglenn Health and Fitness were the reason I was able to enjoy the tour that day.

I sincerely love this place and all of the wonderful people there. Patrick and Jennifer are the real deal. They have an intense passion for helping people live their best lives and it definitely shows in the extraordinary center they have created!


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