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Rewrite Your Story

Why is it so hard to change?

If you read yesterday’s piece, you have found your “It” and your “Why”. Now we want to help you Rewrite Your Story.

If you haven’t read it, start here… we’ll wait 🙂

So you know what you want to work toward and why it’s important to you, then why hasn’t it happened yet?

Is it Mom and Dad’s Fault?

If you don’t have consistent positive habits as it relates to health and fitness, odds are your parents didn’t either.

We speak to more people than I’d like to admit that don’t want to end up the way their mom or dad did. Dad died of heart disease, mom has Type II Diabetes.

The toll that took on your life is not what you want others to go through, and not something you want to go through either.

You have 40, 50+ years of habits that are playing out day after day and they won’t go away in one week.

Your life is worth more than what you have now.

You deserve to have fulfillment, happiness, energy and a long healthy life.

You are on a trajectory to turn into your parents and you have to rewrite your story. Maybe even help them rewrite theirs!

All or Nothing

We decide to change, and we decide to do it all at once.

But you can’t make a change, and make it stick, by trying to do everything at once.

That causes frustration, burn out and most times setting us back at square one.

Over the next few days we are going to tell you how not to make drastic changes, but to make changes that stick and last a lifetime – that can rewrite your story.

It’s not hopeless.

And it doesn’t have to be difficult.

One Small Change can Rewrite Your Story

For now, start with one thing you know you can accomplish that you can add to your daily routine, that brings you closer to your goals.

  • Wake up 15 minutes earlier to have more time in your day
  • Fill and keep a water bottle with you all day so you can stay hydrated
  • Take the dog for a walk whenever you have a craving for junk food

Tomorrow we will explain why you should start small and how to do it.

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