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showing time being thrown in the garbage

No time to start a consistent workout routine?

Tamara came to see us on Monday and she was ready for change. She was ready to get back into the gym and start a consistent workout routine.

Sounds like most of us, right?

She is ready to focus on her. She can’t be her best and take care of others if she isn’t taking care of herself.

Tamara start a consistent workout routine

We asked her what she was willing to change to reach her goals and she replied “EVERYTHING!”.

It was such an exciting moment for all of us. Working with people that are clear on their goals and are willing to do what it takes to make them happen is a recipe for success.

And there is nothing more exciting than to partner with someone who is ready to do what it takes!

She is busy with work, family, and her cute little puppy. Yet she found time in her schedule for her personal training sessions to get added to her calendar.

60 Minute Personal Training Sessions, 3 times a week.

Without excuses and ready to start, her first session was Tuesday, the day after she came in to meet us.

She didn’t look at her schedule and say I don’t have time.

She looked at her schedule and made personal training a priority. Her “Why” is a priority, and she made time adjustments around that.

She is investing in her health and fitness with her time.

She will get the results of where she spends her time.

1st Day working out to improve my health and well being after many years of doing NOTHING, no exercise! Great experience! Coach Patrick is very patient and took his time to explain the exercises. I’m excited to go back!

Tamara – After her 1st workout with her personal trainer at Northglenn Health and Fitness

You are Getting the Results You Spend Your Time On

Here is the tough love part I warned you about yesterday.

You are getting the results of the work YOU put in, of the time YOU put in. Period.

Take a long honest look at how you spend your time.

We all have the same 24 hours in our day. No one can make that 25.

How do some people get more done than others?

They decide what they want. And they spend time getting it.

If you want to find an hour in your day for exercise, you can and you will.

If you want to find 2 hours on the weekend to meal prep, you can and you will.

Want to find excuses and you will.

Stealing Time to Invest Time

Social Media is a huge time suck and is stealing time away from us all day.

Taking away time from social media and other areas can be an easy swap for time spent on fitness or nutrition habits.

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Streaming TV
  • Napping
  • YouTube
  • TikTok
  • Playing Video Games
  • Deciding What To Eat vs Having it Planned
  • Shifting Tasks vs Scheduling your Time

If you are spending time in the above categories and you are not reaching your goals, I’d encourage you to take a look at your goals and the reasons you want them.

Do You Really Want to Reach Your Goals?

Wanting the results you are after, more than you want to do whatever it is you are doing now.

Examples of time shifts:

Take the time to meal prep on the weekends – you will have less decisions to make during the week and odds are eat a much healthier diet and spend less money.

Take 10 minutes on Sunday and plan when you will workout during the week – don’t let anything get in your way, you will get more satisfaction than sitting around on social media.

We’ve all heard if you don’t plan, you plan to fail.

That means if you don’t take the time to plan your week, it will plan itself with things that will most likely not take you toward your goals.

I don’t mean plan one thing a day. I mean get in there, look at your week and schedule all hours of the day.

Trust me you will be surprised at how much time you actually have that you are just throwing away.

You can’t social media yourself into more energy, less fat, more muscle. You can however ski your way there, exercise your way there, eat your way there.

Where you can you shift your time?

Come see us and we are happy to help go through your schedule with you.

Ready to make the change that Tamara is making? Please make an appointment, we will get you on the calendar to start tomorrow!

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