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What does a healthy diet look like?

This could be the shortest blog in the history of blogs.

The healthy diet you can follow consistently for the rest of your life that maintains your health makes you feel good, and gives you energy.

Yesterday, we told you that you can have your cake and eat it too!

What does a healthy diet look like for the average person?

In general this means that most of the time we are eating:

  • Eating fresh, minimally-processed foods
  • Balancing between, protein, veggies, smart carbs and healthy fats
  • Portions that meet your health and body composition goals

Specifically for you, what does it mean?

  1. Look at your diet now and determine how far off you are from the bullet points above.
  2. What can you realistically add in to 1 meal per day to get your closer to a healthy diet.
  3. Once you do that consistently, move on to 2 meals a day.
healthy diet
This is guidance from Precision Nutrition. Coach Jennifer and Coach Courtney are both PnL1 Nutrition Coaches

The above is advice for the average person that doesn’t have any medical conditions that this would affect adversely.

No one can tell you what will work for you specifically without chatting with you and gathering a lot of information.

I will tell you that I didn’t tell you not to eat cake. Where did I tell you NOT to eat anything? I asked you to ADD IN something healthy to what you are already eating.

Adding in vs Restricting

If we focus on restricting we all turn into teenage boys that Must. Rebel. Now. and Eat. All. The. Restricted. Things.

As a nutrition coaches we spend time undoing all the terrible advice out there before we can help you implement new habits that will get you to your goal weight, goal health, goal energy level faster.

Good Rule of Thumb

Add in one better choice than you did yesterday and go from there.

If you are eating this way 80 – 90% of the time and you have your cake, or treat of choice, now and again, it is not going to destroy your progress.

We hope some healthy examples from Precision Nutrition might help kick start some ideas on how healthy food can really be tasty food as well!

I can help you by guiding you to add in healthy choices that will work for you, your lifestyle, schedule and goals. I will also hold you accountable and ensure you are following through. Your goals matter to me. You matter to me!

Coach Jennifer

ps Tomorrow we will talk about why you are gaining weight, while others (ahem, husbands) are losing weight!

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