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cake at birthday party

Eat cake and lose weight?

We meet with quite a few people that come and ask “Can I still eat cake and lose weight?”

Actually they don’t really ask, they just assume they have to change everything they eat in order to fit this idea they have been given of what a healthy diet looks like.

Assumptions of a Healthy Diet

As a nutrition coach most of my clients started off by assuming they would need to remove Grandma’s Chicken Pot Pie recipe or that Mom’s Potato Salad would never be enjoyed again.

  • No Cake
  • No Cereal
  • Eat Only Salad and Veggies
  • Don’t Eat After 6pm

Sounds like no fun. You may avoid even considering losing weight because who would want to live like that? The worst part for me is I never get to have a conversation with you to tell you the cold hard truth. The worst part for you is you go on and feel there is no hope.

If anyone tells you that you need to eat less than 1200 calories a day, you can’t eat cake and lose weight, you have to cut out everything yummy… then you get away as fast as possible.

That person giving you those tips and tricks probably has no education in nutrition. They might have an unhealthy relationship with food themselves.

Tomorrow, I will tell you what a healthy diet looks like. It is NOT me telling you to refuse a slice of cake from your granddaughter at her birthday party.

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