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Gaining weight while husband is losing?

Yesterday, we talked about what a healthy diet might look like. But what if you are eating the same as someone else, yet not getting the same results?

Calories In vs Calories Out

Weight loss is about calories in vs calories out. Every. Single. Day.

If that is true then why does someone who takes in the same amount of calories as me lose weight, while I stay the same or gain weight?

Even if your food intake is exactly the same, your bodies are different.

The amount of calories that are burned by your body have to do with your muscle mass.

A person with a higher muscle mass (which has a direct correlation to their basal metabolic rate (BMR)) will burn more calories by just existing on the couch, or even sleeping, than a person with less muscle mass.

How does BMR affect me gaining weight?

I like this definition from an article in Everyday Health

The number of calories you need just for your body to function is called your basal metabolic rate, or BMR. If you know your BMR, you can better determine your caloric needs for healthy weight loss. You burn most of your daily calories with zero effort, movement, or even thinking.

Tomorrow I will tell you how you can increase your BMR so you can finally break through!

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