Why a Nutrition and Fitness Routine is Important

Establish and Stick to Your Routine

Sunday was Father’s day and my neighbor invited me over for a family gathering. While I was deeply appreciative, I had to decline. Why? Because I’m on week three of a four week trial of fasting (more on that next week). Being around all of that food would have been a challenge. Could I have said forget the fast and gone to my neighbor’s? Absolutely. No one is holding me accountable but me. But this once a week fast has become my routine.

Routine can help with Overwhelm

This pandemic has changed our daily lives in one way or another. As we slowly return to “normal” life, we mind find ourselves in an unfamiliar place, a place without a regular daily routine. Some might be working from home, which presents its own challenges and opportunities, and some might be working both from home and on site.  The stress this puts on you can be overwhelming.

Our eating habits have gotten worse.  Our alcohol consumption has increased and many have struggled to workout at home during quarantine. What to do now?

Gen. McRaven, retired U.S. Special Operations commander, once said “if you want to change the world, start off by making your bed.” What does that mean?


To me, it means if you’re wanting to make big changes, you have to start off with small, easy tasks. So instead of hitting that snooze button, get up. Stretch. Maybe do some push-ups and sit-ups, after you make your bed. Get that blood flowing and start the day off right. Plan your meals the night before, and stick to them.

What do many Fortune 500 executives have in common? Routines. Having structure to your day can help you remain focused on your top priorities of the day.

Why am I, a fitness coach and personal trainer, talking to you about routines? Without a routine and guidance, the success rate of an individual’s health and fitness goals is minimal. If it wasn’t, then we’d all be walking around fit and healthy.

Scheduling your time in the Gym

When you join a structured group fitness class or a personal training session, you are establishing that routine. You’re getting that specific guidance and accountability you need to drastically improve your odds of success. Like Jocko says, “discipline equals freedom”, and routines take discipline to establish.

Just ask anyone on a diet (I don’t believe in dieting, rather establish habits). The hardest part is getting started. Eventually it becomes part of your normal routine and much easier to follow.

To wrap this up, I want to leave you with this: the number one reason people give for not exercising is time. What if using a coach can help you breakdown your day and find wasted time. What if a coach can help you establish your health and fitness routine? Wouldn’t that be worth the time and money spent to look better, feel better, have more self confidence and to be healthier?  Wouldn’t that be worth the initial struggle?  I think so, and I hope you do too. 

Come see your new coach to help establish your routine. – Coach Jason

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