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How Many Calories are in Goldfish?

There are a millions reasons you can come up with not to workout. When you are ready to make a change, ready to commit to taking care of yourself and provide a good example to those around you, you can come up with more than a million reasons TO workout.

We hear from people that are just getting started that they don’t have time to exercise and eat right / establish healthy habits because they have kids. While we understand kids take a lot of time – we have 4 kids of our own who all live at home with us – there is a way to involve them in your workouts. We’d like to challenge you to change the way you think about what it means to have your kids around you as much as you do.

What better way to ensure you give them the foundation of a healthy life than to invite them in to your routine. Kids are always learning from us. They can learn to push hard, and not give up, or they can learn to let life control them and to give up on their dreams.

Kids are Learning from Us

I remember about 10 years ago I started P90X. Remember that? I did those workouts religiously. I built my schedule around my workouts and not the other way around. That was because it was a priority for me. I would come home from work, eat a quick snack – just enough to fuel me. While I was cooking a healthy dinner for the family, I would get my water bottle refilled, get my workout clothes on, etc. My 5 year old Zach was by my side the entire time.

Zach and I would go downstairs to the basement and he would put the P90X DVD in and press play. He would be right there with me doing plyometrics and bent over rows and anything else that Tony Horton threw at me. We would finish the 60 minute or so workout and then go upstairs and eat the dinner I had already prepared. After we ate, we would clean up together and both of us were pretty exhausted to say the least! Before bed we would play cards, read books, and just chill out together. Zach and I probably spent more time together while I was on a great routine of working out and eating right. I wish I could get that time back, it was such a bonding experience for us. We did P90x for months but after a while it left me wanting more.

Workout Out and Early Mornings

I had heard about CrossFit, P90X, Beach Body and everything else. I worked in IT and CrossFit was all the rage with the technology geeks. Why not I thought, I would give it a shot. 4 days a week, for months, I would hit the early am workout. I got up at 4:30 am and drove from my home in Lakewood, CO to Centennial, CO to join my group class. This drive was over 20 miles one way. I would give it my all in class, grab a chocolate milk and drive back home to get the kids to school. Then I would go to work. Guess where I worked? Oh, right down the street from Mile High CrossFit. I chose that gym because it was close to work. If I needed to hit the gym after work, I would never have an excuse. I set myself up for success. However, as you can see I was willing to put the work in.

No Time or Just the Right Amount of Time?

During the drive – 20 miles to the gym, 20 miles home, 20 miles to work, 20 miles home – I would plan , I would breathe, I would make phone calls. That was me time. This was just normal for me. I didn’t have much time outside of gym, work, healthy eating and family. That’s right, I was busy with good things, GREAT things I’d say. I didn’t have time for Netflix and chill, or pizzas, or being lazy. I had to be efficient and my time mattered. “Idle time” is the Devil’s playground. Challenge your thinking when you say you don’t have time.

How Many Calories are in Goldfish Crackers?

Zach on Whole30

I remember this one moment clear as day, and it always brings a smile to my face. On this day it hit me that Zach was paying attention. We were sitting at the kitchen table playing cards and he had a little bag of Goldfish Crackers. He looked at the bag and asked me, “Mommy, how many calories are in Goldfish?”. Wow. Zach was learning from my eating and exercise habits.

Zach was learning at a very young age to pay attention to what you want. He was learning that hard work pays off. He was learning that if you want something you have to fight for it. To this day, 10 years later, Zach has excellent eating habits compared to kids his age. I think his entire middle school years he packed himself salmon, bagel, cream cheese, carrots, apple and water. When he sees me eating junk food he will definitely say something to me about it. Totally gives me a hard time.

Silver Medals and Jumping Jacks

Zach continued to be active for the next 10 years, and continued to eat right. Well, for the most part, he is still a teenager 😉 This is a picture of Zach from last summer where his work ethic and persistence earned him Silver medals across the board at USA Weightlifting Youth Nationals. This was a huge accomplishment.

Tonight as I am outside with Olivia, my granddaughter, I asked her if she wanted to workout. She was so excited and said yes! Now we will work on this form as she continues on, but look at that face. She loves exercise! Olivia is the reason we have if we ever think, I’m too tired, too busy, too ______________. The responsibility we have to her, and her foundation of life, keeps us going.

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This is your reason

Kids are not an excuse to NOT exercise. Kids are the exact reason TO EXERCISE. Come join our morning classes! It’s worth at least a 20 mile drive.

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