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The Most Undervalued Fitness tip: Slow down

The Most Undervalued Fitness tip: Slow Down

I completed this workout yesterday. Let me rephrase. I did the workout, which had a 30 minute time cap, and I went for 30 minutes.

They were all “simple” movements in the grand scheme of life. Each movement, with technique tips from the Coach, can be performed with better form and more efficiency, to reduce injury risk and ensure you get more out of the workout.

Air Squats and Sit Ups

Air squats and sit ups are my jam. I am 5ft tall, so not far down to a full squat or far to go for a full sit up. And my thighs, oh yeah, thighs made of steel. Well, not really steel but I’ve got big legs that get me where I need to go. I was pumped to do this workout.

This workout started off great! I had my jam on

Listen to this while you read the rest of the next paragraph and tell me you wouldn’t kill this workout.

Beginning of the workout, when things were still fun and I had hope.

Coach said to pace yourself, do the air squats in sets of 10. Shiiiiiiiiiiiit I flew through the first 25 without stopping. Took a break and then flew through 25 more. After the first 50 I started breaking them up into 15s and then on to “Farmer’s Carrys” outside. I went out like a champ, it’s just walking right? Done. Music is pumping loud, I can hear it in the alley. Back inside for some sit ups. 50 sit ups. Did I tell you that in High School and Middle school I had the most sit ups in a minute than any other girl. WOOT I was going to kill this workout!!

I made it through all 50 sit ups without stopping and right back out to the 2nd set of Farmer’s Carrys. Still felt good. I mean, my legs felt a little tight but it was all good. Back inside for 80 more Air Squats. Got 20 pushed out, a little slower than the first set of 100 started. Stopped to rest for a second. Hmmmm……. Now when I started up to do my next set of 20 – I didn’t get very far. I think I remember Coach saying to pace. I think he also might have came up to me and told me to find a slower pace after I first started. Maybe he knows what he’s talking about.

Sets of 15, 10, 7, 5…

I’ll save you the gory details but my sets of 25 turned into much smaller sets, eventually hitting the time cap and not completing the entire workout.

Where did I go wrong?

I didn’t listen to the Coach. I didn’t slow down. He told all of us to pace ourselves and told us all exactly how to break up the reps. A little secret here, I’m married to the coach so maybe I don’t listen as much to him as I would to a Coach that I have no emotional ties with. I mean, he can’t tell me what to do!

Going it Alone

3 things happen when you workout without a Coach.

  1. You spend time making decisions about what to work on: Is it Leg Day, Arm Day, Cardio Day, etc?
  2. You don’t get the full potential out of your workout: You’ll go too fast, too slow, stop too soon, or not soon enough.
  3. Your form is not on point. Even the most elite athletes lose form when they are going fast or heavy. Coaches are there for technique and safety.

Your Coach has Your Back

Your Coach will know your goals. He’ll know where to emphasize your efforts in each workout to get the maximum results based on those goals. He’ll also know all the fitness tips, even the fitness tip: slow down. You should listen to him because he does this all day every day. He’s a professional. Just make sure he’s not your husband.

Come see us, we’ll have your back!

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