Nutrition Coaching and SEMM

Over the next month we’re going to have A LOT of nutrition coaching conversations around SEMM: Sleep, Eat, Move, Manage.

What does Nutrition Coaching have to do with SEMM?

Our Nutrition Coaching Program is not just about food. It’s really about helping you manage your SEMM: Sleep, Eat, Move, Manage the other 23 hours in the day.

Each of these SEMM factors can have a huge impact on our quality of life and in gym performance!

Each day we are going to pick on one of the SEMM areas to focus on and give you something to put in place, or even just something to think about. Today we will talk about EAT: Meal Prep.

Meal Prep

We all make a lot of interesting choices around the holidays….now that we are towards the end of January, it is a great time to kickstart some new habits and set ourselves up for success.

Far too often we try quick fixes and the go back to our old normal, especially after a period of poor nutrition. Nutrition isn’t a sprint, it is a marathon of consistent good choices.

We would like to encourage you to get into the habit of meal prep by following some simple guidelines:

  1. Quality food means REAL food!
  2. Make it easy to make good choices by pre-cutting vegetables, precooking chicken and other lean proteins and having healthy fats like nuts and avocados on hand and ready to go!
  3. Don’t overcomplicate it. In the beginning, easy is best.
  4. Don’t make choices when you are hungry! Have you ever went to the grocery store hungry? After eating a healthy meal or snack, sit down and map out your meals for the week.
  5. Order grocery delivery or go shop for what you need.

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PS – What are your meal prep tips?

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