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HiiT Training – Starts 01/31/2021

Coach Megan has put together a 6 Week HiiT training program for busy women who can carve out an hour a week to kickstart their fitness routine.

  • High energy
  • Cardio based
  • Tons of fun
  • Women Only!

We’ll focus on building strength, toning muscles and accelerating fat loss, without the need for a barbell! 

You’ll leave feeling stronger and amazed at what you can achieve in 45 minutes! 

Good music, big energy, and only one day a week! 

Sundays at 9am from January 31st to March 7th

Only 4 Spots Left

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Book an appointment with us to talk about your nutrition to supplement your HiiT Training – getting your eating habits on track is one of the fastest ways to get to your goals!

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