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Melissa saves almost 2 hours every day by having a coach


We opened Northglenn Health and Fitness in Northglenn, CO not to provide just another gym.  We opened it to help people find the best CrossFit gym for them in the surrounding communities of Northglenn, Thornton, Westminster, Broomfield area!  For who?  People of all ages and abilities.  We opened it to provide coaching, whether it is group training, private training or nutrition. We opened it to provide a safe, non judgmental environment that is open to all shapes and sizes, as well as fitness level.  We all need a coach!

Think about the last time you went to the gym without a coach…..  Was it effective?  Were you able to walk in, with a plan, know exactly what to do and for how long?  What about your form.  Was it good?  Did you do all you could?  Did you push yourself enough? Did you push yourself too hard?  Did you have an accountability partner with you?  What about a warm up, and a cool down?  Did you do everything needed in order to attain your 90 day goal?  Do you have a 90 day fitness or nutrition goal?

If you answer no to any one of those questions then you need a coach.  Melissa is one of the fittest people we know, and she needs a coach.


What brought you to Northglenn Health and Fitness?

I originally wanted to workout from home, just cleaned out my garage with the thought that I’d get all the CrossFit equipment and make my own “box”.  My friend convinced me that I needed to actually get into the classes first and learn the moves before I went rouge.  I signed up for a month and five personal training sessions.  At this point I still thought I’d be in for the month and then back to working out on my own.  Within the first month I realized that I’m not as good as I thought I would be and that I have a lot of learning and work to put in.  I saw how amazing Coach Patrick is and how caring and motivating Jennifer is.  The amount of devotion these two beautiful humans put into the gym and the people in the gym is incredible!

What were you doing before Sacris?

Before CrossFit I was spending a couple hours a day running (realistically 1.5 hours getting ready to run or sitting on my treadmill and only 0.5 hours actually running and then another hour lifting weights.  Coming to CrossFit is almost like I can quit thinking about working out and actually just do the workout.  The workouts are all planned all you got to do is show up…super simple!  At work I have a job where for the majority of the day I’m sitting, a task that for me is quite hard.  Northglenn Health and Fitness allows me to relieve my stress and remain active.

What would you tell people that are nervous about trying CrossFit?

I think that CrossFit can be intimidating.  I know that my first day I kept thinking I’d be the weakest, slowest person there (which I think I was).  I didn’t realize how CrossFit can be sculpted for each and every person.  Coach Patrick does an excellent job at scaling the weights and/or movements for everybody involved in the class.  By scaling the workouts everybody is essentially doing the same part of the workout at the same time for their skill level.  One other aspect that I remember when I started is that I wasn’t progressing as fast as I had planned or wanted to, although this was extremely discouraging for me it is important for me to stick with it.  I constantly remind myself that without the proper form I’ll either get hurt or just not be able to increase my lifts.
Come get yourself a coach at Northglenn Health and Fitness.  In addition to that you get a lot of freebies, such as, self confidence & better fitting clothes!

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