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Snatch Clinic at Northglenn Health and Fitness – December 14, 2019

Join us for a Snatch Clinic on Saturday, December 14th at Northglenn Health and Fitness Snatch.  We will be drilling for the start position, first pull and second pull.  It is one of two Olympic Lifts that take technical mastery to really make a significant difference in your lifts.

Many highly dedicated athletes spend years of constant training to develop a pretty decent (haha – it’s hard to say anyone has mastered this complex movement) form on this lift, but don’t let this discourage you.  When it comes down to how to improve your snatch technique we want to first look at your setup.  Your setup includes everything from how you are gripping the bar, positioning of feet/shoulders/hips, and a variety of other things.  How you begin your lift, before you actually move the bar off the ground, will have a significant impact on how successful it will be.

Here are a few pointers we will be drilling at the Snatch Clinic at Northglenn Health and Fitness

  • Gripping the bar – hand width positioned so that when standing the barbell is up against the pubic bone; knuckles down to help prevent arm bend during 2nd pull
  • Feet position – hip width to generate power & speed during 1st & 2nd pull
  • Shoulder position – over or slightly in front of bar
  • Position of hips – slightly above knees
  • Knees out – constantly pushing the knees out through the entire lift to help “clear the road” – getting the knees out of the way and activating the posterior chain muscle group

There is more, your chest position, your head position, etc.  As you can see there is a lot to get right, before you even pick that bar up.  Focus on a couple things at a time, master them, then move on.  Do not get overwhelmed with the details.

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