Cori at our Personal Training Gym showing off her results

Showing up for yourself consistently. The win that matters most at our personal training gym in Northglenn.

Our personal training gym is one Cori shows up to. And her results speak for themselves.

Cori is a personal training client (3 hours a week) at Northglenn Health and Fitness.

She replied to an email I sent out to me a few weeks ago and grabbed one of my 4 spots I opened in October to work with me directly on nutrition.

She is now a 9 Week Transformation Client that works with me on the other 165 hours in the week that she is not in the gym, being shown what to do.

These are the results of her efforts on the 2nd week of my program – over the last 7 days.

100% compliance on our nutrition habits

Down 3.1lbs of body fat

Up .9 lbs of muscle


But let’s step back. Do the math on those hours….

Total Hours in the week: 168

Total Hours in the gym: 3

Left to our own devices: 165

Most people (and fitness tracking devices) overestimate how many calories burned in the gym or during the day.

Most people underestimate how many calories they eat on a daily basis.

Do we want to focus on feeling good, getting strong, improving health, improving bone density, confidence? Personal Training Gym

Or do we want to do all that and, focus even more on health AND lose weight? Personal Training Gym + Nutrition

Why Personal Training Gym at Northglenn Health and Fitness

Because you’ll show up.

Not everyone understands that but we do. When you talk about getting fit, being healthier, odds are you’ve tried before or you’ve been met with “Just workout with me” or “just go to that 9.99 a month gym”.

I tell everyone that it doesn’t matter if a gym is free if you won’t show up.

You’re not going to see messages from us about “going hard”, and “destroying the workout”, and pictures of people puking in the corner. It’s just not our style, because that style doesn’t work for our clients.

Don’t let anyone tell you what works for them, should work for you or you are just lazy or weak.

Everyone is different and we are here for those that need that support and accountability – in a positive way – not a shaming way.

In our 9 week program we focus on:

Improving your:

  • Planning, Prioritizing and Preparing
  • Regulating your Eating Behaviors
  • Matching your Energy Intake to your Goals
  • Choosing Higher Quality Foods
  • Providing Adequate Nutrients
  • Move Often and Well – Gym and Daily Movement
  • Rest and Recovery
  • Supportive Environment
  • Regulate Emotions and Eating

That list is a big list.

We are focusing on Step 1. ✅Planning, Prioritizing and Preparing right now with Cori.

And I told her from the start we are staying there until she’s got it.

She did what most people did the 1st week.

It seems too simple, so we try to complicate and do something more and then miss focusing on the simple.

We met, results were stagnant, we talked about it. Kept the habits the same.

The 2nd check-in was a whole different story. I received this note the night before from her on her check in form on our app:

“My ah-ha moment was how easy it makes my everyday, workout days, breakfast, and lunches knowing exactly what I’m wearing and eating.”

I checked her compliance 100%!

I was so proud of her and couldn’t wait to get here at 5am to meet with her about it!

That’s the power of Planning, Prioritizing and Preparing.

That’s the power of a coach.

That’s the power of doing what the coach asks you to do.

So freaking pumped for Cori because October was a very tough month for her.

She is showing up for herself and she is doing the boring AF stuff to get there.

I’ll take boring over complicated any day when we can drop 3.1lbs of body fat in one week by doing the boring!

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