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Memories over Macros

We made it! To the most magical holiday of the year: Christmas.

While the story surrounding Christmas is an amazing one, the holidays sure do stir up some stressors. Whether it’s family coming in town, dealing with in-laws, or just the financial stress of buying gifts for everyone, Christmas can very quickly turn from magical to miserable. I think one of the biggest things on people’s minds is the new year, and the resolutions to come. And typically when we think of those resolutions, 9 times
out of ten they have to do with a change in your diet or becoming more active. I’m here to tell you that food doesn’t have to be the culprit and that when you work hard throughout the year to keep your nutrition and fitness on point, then one day (or two) during the holidays should be less about the food and more about family.

What are some things we can do, to stay on track the day of festivities? Staying on track is all about your mindset. Think about the holidays, and what it is that you enjoy? Is it being stuffed that you enjoy? Doubtful. Mindful eating will empower you physically AND mentally!

Here’s how.


Give yourself permission to relax and enjoy the food and company of the people
around you. Holidays are for rest!


Instead of indulging in foods like oreos or chips, choose foods that are special.
You can have oreos anytime.


You might be someone who tracks all of their food, all of the time. Today is a day
to put the app away and just give it a break.

What about the fear of weight gain?

People who are afraid of weight gain, restrict food the most. During the holidays, that usually backfires and you end up binge eating anyway.
How do we avoid that unwanted bloat and stuffed feeling?


If you are someone who is sticking to certain foods, bring your own so there is
something for you and you don’t miss out!


If you’re hungry, you’re going to binge on all the things and feel like crap later. Eat
a small protein rich snack before you go.


Slow down and enjoy every bite. Most of the time we overeat because we shovel the
food in so fast. Take your time, chew your food, and give your brain a chance to
catch up with your belly.


Protein is satiating. Cookies and sweets are heavy in bad fats and simple carbs
lack protein.


Fill your plate with nutritious food such as raw and cooked vegetables such as
brussel sprouts or broccoli.


Desserts are a treat, not a meal! Eat them if you still desire them after the main

Have fun, give yourself some grace if you have something not so healthy, but
remember to go into the holidays thinking about the company you are with. Not
the food. It’s never been about the food! It’s about the conversation, the laughs
and the memories.

We are starting a 28 Day Nutrition Reset on January 6th.  This might be a good time to come in and start your year right, and not having that added stress around the holidays next year!

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