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Let’s manage family, food and fun on Sundays!

Today for our SEMM: Sleep, Eat, Move, Manage, we are talking about what we can do on Sundays to set us up for success in the week. On Sundays we will Manage Family, Food and Fun!

On Sunday everything starts with ‘F’

  • Have FUN
  • Include Your FAMILY
  • Do the FOOD prep for the week

How Do We Do It?

Sunday mornings at our home starts with breakfast and then taking the dog on a walk. We have a silver lab and that guy needs all the movement he can get!

While we are out, our Wal Mart delivery comes and it is time for Meal Prep!

Chopping, Batch Cooking, Portioning and Storing! We all work together to make it go by fast, and the more involved certainly helps with clean up!

After dinner on Sundays we have Family Game Night. Which really means Uno night. We have had an Uno game last for almost 2 hours.

Ask us about our house rules sometime. We have them written down to keep track!

Whatever you do on Sunday, make it something that will set you up for success during the week and involve the family.

Spending time with loved ones at the start of the week, and doing things like meal prep, will ensure you get the most important things taken care of before the rest of the week blows up in your face!

Coach Jennifer

PS. Do you have any favorite family game night ideas?

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