Just Show Up

We get asked all the time, what do I have to do in order to lose weight, gain muscle, get better at double unders? The answer: Just Show Up.

Your “Why” to Weight Loss

This is all so personal. Everyone says they want to lose weight, gain muscle, be more active with their kids, get off meds or look sexy in a bikini. And it makes sense, we all do right? Why though? How would your life be different? Why is it important to you to get off meds or gain muscle? We often focus on the top layer of “Why”, when there are so many layers to get to. Once we know the real reason we want what we want, our goals are clearer, therefore more attainable. Once you know your “Why”, your goals will become more meaningful and the less likely you will be to stray.

Where Do I Show Up?

The community at a gym IS an important piece of the puzzle. Community can give you the support you need or it can make you feel alienated if it is too cliquey and doesn’t look like you. It is important to know what type of culture exists at a gym you are exploring.

Are you an elite athlete, enjoy tire flipping, have been known to be in the corner puking and prefer grunting through the pain to hit big numbers and throw form out the window? Look for a community that has people like you. Are you someone who is trying to get healthy and stay active? Do you enjoy being pushed, but form / safety is important to you? Are you new to fitness and are worried about being judged in the gym? Look for a community that has people like you.

Now that you know your “Why” and Where to Go, What Do You Do?

Just Show Up. When we meet with people before their first day, we establish a plan that is based on YOU and what YOUR goals are. See a short video about how this works here. You wanted to lose weight, gain muscle, get a handle on your nutrition, etc. We call this a prescription. There are different combinations depending on your goal and your starting point. Does it seem right to “prescribe” the same things to a person who is in their 50s, never exercised before, struggling with a divorce, and wanting to get healthy for the first time vs someone who is in their mid 20s, has always been in team sports and is preparing for an upcoming competition? No. We would be setting them up for failure.

How do I balance my schedule with my new gym routine?

You and your coach decided on a plan. Does that plan include group training classes at specific times? If your schedule fluctuates your coach can work with you one on one based on what times work for you. No need to work around group class times. The plan is based on your goals and your availability. You can follow the plan with 90% consistency and you will get results faster than following the plan with 10% consistency. However, following a plan with 10% consistency is much better than no plan that has 0% consistency. Life can hit you right in the face, at any time so waiting for your schedule to calm down, means never starting. We have a plan for that to help you get started before you think you can. Doing everything the same as you did yesterday, isn’t going to get you to your goals.

When do I start?

The best time to start a health and fitness journey is right now. Actually, you are already on one. We are all on one every single day. It just may not be a good one. Every bite of food you take or don’t take, every time you are on the couch or hiking a 14er, is a part of your journey. Let us help you add morsels into your journey that make it a positive / sustainable one. Imagine yourself after you accomplish your goals. What does that look like? What does that feel like? It is a step closer or a step farther away every minute, with every choice. Come see us to get you moving forward on the right path. All you have to do is Show Up.

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