Have you gotten burned by adversity?

Ready? Set! Adversity!

What happened? You did everything right. And it all fell apart. Again.

You set a goal, you planned and prepped. Woke up ready to attack. You are so ready for this. This time it’s going to work.

You left your gym clothes out because you know mornings can be stressful. Took the time to shop over the weekend so you wouldn’t hit the drive thru. You get out of bed, drink the water that you left at your nightstand (because water is refreshing, re-hydrates you, helps get your brain and your body working). See, you did your research! You are ready! Then your phone vibrates…

It’s a call saying there is (insert problem here) and you need to handle it immediately.

What. Just. Happened.

But you don’t really ask yourself that question do you? You say, here we go again. You give that internal eye roll so big that you probably just pulled a muscle. This happens every time you try to do the right thing. Why can’t things be easy for me? – you think to yourself.

Change your definition of success

Even the most successful people face adversity.

There is a basketball player I grew up with that didn’t quit. Here are some stats from his career:

  • 9000+ missed shots
  • 300 games lost
  • 26 times trusted with the game winning shot and missed

Those stats are not great to say the least, even if they do belong to Michael Jordan.

Ok, I didn’t grow up WITH him per-say, but he was a major figure in everyone’s lives. Could you imagine if he gave up when he missed?

What were your intentions when you placed your water bottle on your nightstand? When you bought fresh fruit, vegetables and some lean proteins? When you placed all the stuff you need for the gym out so it would be easy for you in the morning?

Your intentions were to succeed at your goal.

What if your definition of success was based on your intentions and any steps along the way to your goal – not just achieving your goal?

Adversity will always rear it’s ugly head somewhere throughout your process. In the form of something stopping you from executing steps you need to complete, in order to achieve your goal. If you get back up, start where you left off; if you got up every day ready to keep pushing forward, even if it’s one small step towards your goal – you have something to celebrate.

Don’t get wrapped up in what you didn’t do. There will ALWAYS be something more you could have done. But, there will always be LESS you could have done as well. You did all of those actions and they were not for nothing. Those clothes are still there. That food is still there. So get up, and push forward.

What if you saw those steps you take as WINS as you do them? Fill that water bottle and do a happy dance!

Then when adversity shows up, you are not starting from scratch. You own all the work you did. You get through this challenge and you keep on keepin’ on. That’s success.

Celebrate every small success and you’ll be celebrating all day.

At Northglenn Health and Fitness we call these bright spots. The next time you are feeling like giving up, send us your bright spots. We will celebrate with you! We’d love to meet you and help you get those first few wins under your belt! It’s a 15 minute conversation about what you need most right now. – Jennifer

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