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Will your program get me ready for beach season?

Our program will get you beach season ready. Or you can do it on your own with our tips below.

Calories in vs calories out is such a simple math equation – we all know it – so why is it so hard for us to get that beach body we have always wanted? I mean, we know how right?

Because it’s not that simple.

While math is math, no one can tell you how your body works compared to my body, or your friend’s body. There are a lot of factors involved.

Muscle Mass
Body Fat

We are all unique individuals with bodies that are unique. However, we all know we can eat less, exercise more, sleep more, drink more water, drink less alcohol, stop going to the drive thru, grocery shop, buy whole foods, meal prep, take vitamins, remove stresses, remove bad habits, etc. That list is not even close to all of the tips you’ll find online. Are you ready to quit already? I am. This is why we quit. Overwhelm.

It does not have to be this hard

Think about anything you do on “autopilot”. You get up, you shower, you do your hair, you brush your teeth, you get in the car and drive to work – have you ever gotten to work and not remembered the drive? (Now your drive might be from bed to couch, but you get what I mean.)

You were not born with those habits. They made their way into your life through consistency and they eventually stuck.

You need to build habits that happen on auto pilot to get to beach body in a healthy permanent way. After all, why want a beach body for just this summer, let’s talk beach body for life!

Our beach season program

We work with Precision Nutrition to deliver our nutrition program. Goal achievement only happens — reliably — when you do three things:

  1. Break down your goal into specific skills.
  2. Build and improve those skills through targeted practices.
  3. Break practices down into small daily actions that you can do reliably and consistently

How does that work in practice

Let’s do one thing at a time. One thing that we can add to our routine that on a stress meter of 1 (no stress, I can do that in my sleep) to 10 (run and hide, no way I’ll even attempt it). Pick something that is a 1 or 2 on the stress meter, that also supports a skill you need to build to get to your goal. Here is an example:

Goal – Get Beach Body ready (lose 20lbs)
If your goal is to lose 20lbs to feel comfortable in that string bikini, what are some skills you might need in order to get there? We all know them, we listed them above. What if we focused on one until we perfected it? What if we added instead of take away?

Skills – Drink more water. Water will help kick start your metabolism, get your brain re hydrated after sleep, help you determine between actual hunger cravings and dehydration, etc. Tons of other positive effects for your body.

Daily Action – Before bed – Fill up your water bottle. Place it next to your bed. Alarm goes off. Drink 8oz while you are still in bed. You can hit the snooze button if that’s what you normally do, but drink the water first. Keep the water bottle with you everyday, all day. Until it’s a habit.

Assess your results

After you master your first daily action and it is a habit, assess your results. Your body will react differently based on the factors I mentioned above. Take it step by step. Add daily actions/habits and assess results.

If the daily action you choose is not at a super low stress level of 1 – 2, then it is too much for you right now and you will fail. Think of something smaller – maybe it starts with going to buy a fancy water bottle that makes you happy. Maybe it’s not about water at all. You do you. But don’t do it all at once.

If you need help with this, book a call with me. We help with accountability and skill building, in a way that will build success and a beach body along the way!

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