How to Get 6 Pack Abs from Washing Your Car

My Car Was Filthy

While washing my car on Sunday, I realized that I had found the magic secret to getting 6 pack abs! You can imagine my excitement, I could hardly contain myself. Instead of writing a book and selling billions of copies, I decided to write this blog post for you and give away the secret FOR FREE! Afterall, who needs billions of dollars? Money changes people.

It started out like any other time I washed the car. Ugh. Why do I let it get this bad? I’m going to clean this and no one is ever bringing another piece of food in my car again. Crumbs, garbage, one sock, dog leash, kettle bells, receipts. Who leaves the car with one sock? How did the dog not run away without his leash? And lastly, why do we still have paper receipts!!??

When I started cleaning the car, on the exterior of the car there were BIG areas of dirt all over. The interior of the car had the aforementioned sock, leash, etc.


I started on the outside. It took no time at all to find and wipe off the large areas of dirt on the outside of my car. It was actually kind of satisfying. With ease, I was able to make the outside of my car sparkle.


Upon opening the door and taking all of these random items out of the car, I made two piles. One for garbage and one for things I would bring inside (again, one sock, I just don’t get it). Piles made, I looked under the seats and found more items: pencils, more crumbs, a broken cup holder – that’s awesome – and more receipts. Finally, being satisfied I had all of the items I would either keep or throw away, I noticed more areas that needed to be cleaned.

The console and the seats themselves looked grungy. I took some wipes I had purchased for this blessed day and began to wipe off the smudge marks from teenage boys’ shoes, teenage boys’ bodies, etc. All the seats actually came out real nice, and the console, a little dustier than I had previously noticed, was shiny. Great, now we are getting somewhere….but what’s this?

Micro Areas

The cup holders had grime in the bottom of them. Probably from a spilled drink or two. As I cleaned out the cup holders, and get deeper into this rabbit hole of cleaning the car, I noticed the seat belt buckles. There were crumbs deep between the seat and the seat belt buckles. Not noticeable unless you are looking for it. I was looking now. The more I cleaned away the large, visible, problem areas the more dirt was uncovered in the smaller areas. After the smaller areas were cleaned, I could then see the micro areas of dirt. Oh and there were more micro areas, but I think you get my point.

6 Pack Abs Come after You Keep Your “Car” Clean Consistenly

Here is the magic: You can’t have 6 Pack Abs by following the diet of a person who has 6 Pack Abs. Why?

The 6 pack Ab person, has cleaned the outside of their car and they don’t EVER let it get dirty again. They’ve wiped the console and it is ALWAYS shiny. The cup holders and the in-between areas of the seat belt might be allowed a speck or two but they clean it out the next day if not the same day.

Zero Stress

The 6 Pack Ab person has their diet completely under control with ZERO stress. That is how they don’t let the big dirt build up any more. They eat consistently, workout consistently, sleep consistently and have ways to control stress. They do that without thinking. Hey, I don’t mean they have 1% stress around their diet, I mean zero stress. It is a way of life. Ask Coach Jason – he’ll tell you.

If you want 6 pack abs, start with the areas that you can improve upon that add little to no stress, just like the 6 Pack Ab person does everyday. When they started off it wasn’t easy for them either. They made changes, incrementally, over time that they continued to build upon. That’s what we should focus on.

Where Do You Begin?

List out some areas of your life, that do not align with your dream of 6 Pack Abs. (These areas do not have to do with just food) Once you have that, write down the level of stress you feel if you were to change that area. If the number is above 9% I would skip it, you are not ready. You can do it for a bit, but the stress it causes will bleed into other areas of your life and you will reverse course – big time. Here is a hint to finding that stress free change to start with – Try Adding.

Adding In vs Taking Away

Adding to your routine / diet, etc. is normally a much easier starting point than taking away. What do I mean by adding in? Sleep, can you get 30 minutes more sleep at night consistently? Water, do you get enough water? Can you add water to your diet every day, consistently? Protein? Do you get enough protein? Ad some lean protein to each meal. Not sure how much protein you need? – book a nutrition consultation with me or Coach Jason (ahem, 6 pack abs example) and we can help you determine.

Over Time Not Overnight

Determine what you will start with and get moving! If you need accountability sticking to it, and determining the next step, give us a call. I hope this was helpful and I hope you read this and forgive yourself for the difficulty you have had in the past with sticking to a restrictive (high stress) diet. Again, restrictive is a relative term, what might be restrictive to you, is normal to 6 Pack Abs person, because they made changes overtime, not overnight.

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