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Who is on your Personal Board of Directors?

Personal Board of Directors

Let’s talk about the people who support you—we’ll call them your “personal board of directors.” These are the Really Important People in your life. They’re your lighthouses, and their support can help you achieve a level of success that you didn’t think was possible. 

We recommend that you fill these four critical roles:

  • Life partner or best friend—a spouse, significant other or till-the-end friend. This is the person who’s always in your corner no matter what.
  • A professional mentor—someone who guides you in your career. This person helps you become better at your job or grow professionally.
  • A fitness coach—I want you to put a big check mark beside this one. We’ve got you covered, and we’re looking out for your health and fitness. These are critical elements!
  • A spiritual guide—maybe religious, maybe not. This person influences you to work on yourself mentally and emotionally. 

It matters to us that you identify your personal board because we care about you as an entire person. We’re striving to make you healthy and fit, but we only get to see you for so many hours, and we want you to think hard about the other people who support you.

Assign the roles above to some people in your life and lean on them to get you through challenges. And guess what: You’re going to fill these roles for other people, too. I bet you’re a  best friend or mentor to someone—or maybe you’re even a spiritual guide. 

The point is that you’re never alone if you take some time to identify the people who fill these roles in your life!

And if someone you know needs a coach to help them get back on track with fitness and health, say the word. Anyone on your board is a big deal to us, and we’d love to help.

Coach Patrick

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