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How Do You Get It All Done without Missing The Point

Hey everyone! 🌟 Ready for some real talk? How do we get it all done, never ending to do lists, meetings, appointments, gym, meal prep etc, and not miss out on the big picture?

The Zoo Adventure & Time Warps!

Saturday my family and I went to the zoo. There were 7 of us. All adults and an 8 year old. We all had our own individual expectations of what we wanted to see first, what we wanted to eat and the pace in which we would make things happen. We were about 1/4 of the way through and someone asked what time it was.

It was 1:30pm and we had arrived at 10:30am. I’m no Neil deGrasse Tyson but I’m pretty sure time travel hasn’t happened so that it took 3 hours to get through 1/4 of the map was a little disheartening. Especially for someone who is used to having a lot to get done and wants to get the most out of every second. It felt like we were getting nowhere and I also knew that others were getting frustrated at the pace as well. Next thing you know, we’re five hours in, wandering, wondering, and we’ve only uncovered a third of the zoo!

The Penguins’ Dilemma: Patience & Presence in Moments

As we walked around the sounds (and let’s be honest, smells) the penguins had to offer, a subtle whisper of impatience and a hint of crankiness began to bubble up. “How will we ever see the whole zoo while moving at this snail’s pace?” It’s in these slow-paced moments, amid the chirps and waddles, that I, like many of you, find myself tangled in the web of “getting it all done,” momentarily losing sight of the essence behind our actions.

Refocusing Priorities: The Real Goals Beyond the Checklist

Then, it hit me! The real adventure wasn’t about conquering every zoo exhibit. It was about embracing each shared laugh, each shared gaze, and each shared wonder with my loved ones. The zoo was merely our backdrop, a canvas to paint vibrant, lasting memories on. It’s about not just “getting it all done” but about what “get it all done” actually is meant to do.

Get It All Done – For What?

The realization is that my trip to the zoo was not about the zoo.

Getting it all done was my family being together. Whether we see 1 animal or 1,000, the outcome should be measured on the time we spent together.

Balanced Bites: A Blend of Nutrition and Well-being 🍏✨

This realization isn’t just about day trips to the zoo—it applies seamlessly to our approach to nutrition and well-being. Our goal isn’t to morph our meals into calculated science experiments; it’s to create eat a good balance of whole foods, evolving each week because we want to live longer to enjoy moments like this. When our gaze is firmly set on well-being and health, the choices become more meaningful and accomplishing what we need to get there (the checkboxes) become easier and less stressful to accomplish. We sidestep the trap of calorie-counting, macro tracking and food weighing, and replace it with choosing higher quality food and finding joy in life with those around you vs the food in front of you.

Get It All Done to Savor Life

As we weave through the events of life, let’s commit to more than just ticking boxes. Let’s vow to fill our days with the things that matter to us! Here’s to mastering the art of “getting it all done” while living fully, moving joyfully, and savoring each precious tick of the clock! 🌟

Remember, the true essence of life is not in the checklist but in the reason behind it. The experiences we weave into life. Keep moving, keep laughing, keep living fully, and keep enriching every day with love and joy! 🌈✨

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