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Finding Your Comfort Zone with Personal Training at NHF

Starting to work on your fitness (again) can be stressful. A powerful step toward health and fitness is to find your comfort zone with personal training at NHF before you try to walk in to a giant big box gym.

Why? For many, this path to fitness is blocked by a common obstacle: gym intimidation. The fear of stepping into a gym environment, surrounded by experienced enthusiasts, daunting equipment, and a seemingly alien culture can be overwhelming. However, breaking through this very real barrier opens up a realm where comfort and personal growth can coexist. Let’s explore how to bypass gym intimidation and why NHF has created a comfortable space that is essential for your health and fitness goals.

Understand the Root Cause

Gym intimidation, often known as ‘gymtimidation,’ is more than feeling like a fish out of water. It’s a sense of being judged, not fitting in, or making mistakes in front of others. Understanding that these fears are common and quite normal is the first step toward overcoming them. And at NHF we get that and we’ve designed our programs to ensure that women feel safe, move properly and are surrounded by others just like them.

Start Small to Go Big

We begin your journey with manageable steps. Trying to dive into an advanced class or lift heavy weights right off the bat will definitely increase anxiety. We start your routine with smaller, confidence-building movements. We start with an assessment so we know where to start! The key is to find your comfort level and gradually expand from there.

The Buddy System Works

There’s more than an increase in physical strength when you have a personal trainer, you gain mental strength and confidence as well. Having a coach can be a significant confidence booster. Together, you work with them so they will navigate the equipment, provide you a specific step by step program, and offer encouragement and support. This changes your fitness routine into an adventure you look forward to, reducing the spotlight effect you might feel going it alone.

Personal Trainers: Your Guiding Light

Investing in personal training is not just for celebrities. Think of your coach as your tour guide in unfamiliar territory. They explain the lay of the land, demonstrate equipment usage, correct your form, and provide a customized workout plan that aligns with your goals. What’s more, they infuse a sense of accountability in your routine. Knowing you’re not alone can make a world of difference in your comfort level.

Mind Over Matter

Addressing internal dialogues is crucial. Negative self-talk can be a significant contributor to gym intimidation. Try to remember there is a reason you are reaching out for help. It’s not easy to do it alone, if it was we wouldn’t exist! Celebrate every small victory, including showing up for your sessions each week. Shifting your mindset from fear to empowerment increases your confidence and comfort.

Every Journey is Unique

Remember, comparison is the thief of joy. It’s easy to look at others and feel out of place. And that is why personal training can be so powerful. It’s your workout, your time, and it’s built for your body. We measure against who you were yesterday, not against who someone else is today. Fitness is a personal journey, not a competition.

Create Your Comfort Zone

Overcoming gym intimidation is your first victory in your fitness journey. Setting up a call with Coach Jennifer (me) to discuss what hasn’t worked in the past, and ask HOW we will set you up for success is the first step to taking back control and prioritizing your health. Northglenn Health and Fitness has a supportive, understanding, and non-judgmental environment, incredible transformations happen, and it all starts with showing up for yourself.

Think about it. You can’t pay for anything on our website, go ahead and try. You can’t give me your credit card over the phone to join. One of our core values is integrity so when we say it’s judgement free, we can actually say that. How can any other gym say that, that allows new clients to start before they have even met them?

Call to Action, Now Is the Only Right Time

You have to strike when the iron is hot. Schedule a consultation with Coach Jennifer, owner of NHF, who understands your path and walks it with you. Let today be the day you step forward, undeterred and fearless. Click here to schedule a 10 minute call.

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