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Coach Courtney

What does a day in the life of a Client Success Manager look like and why does your gym need one?

Coach Courtney is the Client Success Manager at Northglenn Health and Fitness.

Courtney does it all! She is recently married, bought a house and is raising 4 beautiful little…..chickens and a cute pup named Daisy.

Courtney has been with Northglenn Health and Fitness just under a year and she is already the glue that holds the place together, because she fulfills her role as CSM so well!

It is really a family atmosphere where we all care about each other. If it wasn’t, we wouldn’t have clients that travel as far as Arvada, Brighton and Erie. Not to mention Coach Courtney drives in all the way from Greely.

As our Client Success Manager, she is responsible for our clients happiness at NHF!

Why wouldn’t the workouts be the thing that keeps people happy? Why wouldn’t it be the direction on nutrition habits?

Those things do matter, of course. But you can get that anywhere. It might be a different method but every gym should be supplying you with a great workout and a good nutrition plan. So why isn’t it enough?

Well, if it was you would still be at that gym. You would show up at a place with machines if exercise was enough to keep you at the gym.

A health and fitness business, a gym, nutrition coaching, those are all relationship businesses. If you don’t come in to an incredible atmosphere with supportive people who really get to know you, care about you and keep your best interests at heart then you are likely to quit like you have in the past so many times.

We are here to keep you going. We are here to provide you with the help you need. Coach Courtney is here to help you keep yourself accountable, find your wins, and show you how special you are!

That’s a big responsibility but one she fulfills with pride.

Things you might not expect from a gym, some things she’s done last week:

  • A member cancelled an appointment for Friday morning and we immediately reached out to find out what was going on, it turns out the next day there were going to be some very stressful situations at work, so Courtney ordered her a care package to be waiting for her at home when she got back from work.
  • Reached out to a couple ladies we haven’t seen for a couple days to see how she can help them prioritize themselves.
  • Met with a prospective client to make sure they knew that it’s normal to feel overwhelmed and nervous but she’s going to take good care of her.
  • Created cute valentine’s day hearts for members to write supportive notes to each other.
  • Mailed out postcards to all of our members who hit new personal records this month.
  • Helped a client that was having a hard time seeing her wins, celebrate the small victories!

Courtney puts the fun in FUNctional Fitness and as the Client Success Manager she can do that for you to!

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