Why we won’t tell you to cut fast food from your diet

McDonald’s Big Breakfast with hot cakes is 1340 calories. Wendy’s Baconator is 950 calories. If you are eating this once or twice a week this is probably getting in the way of your weight loss, not to mention health. We aren’t here to tell you to cut fast food out of your diet. If nutrition is the foundation of everything we do at the gym, why is that?

Cutting out

When is the last time you looked in the mirror and decided “No more fast food!”, “No more Cheetos!”, “No more sitting on the couch all night!”

I know, we’ve all been there. But what happened? Did you say those things to yourself and then 1 year later you still didn’t go back to the Big Mac? Your proclamation to cut out fast food helped you crush all of your health and fitness goals?

Nope, you may have lasted a few days, maybe a week, but when you went back to the Cheetos, you went back hard. How can you be expected to avoid the drive thru at the end of a very stressful day, you have laundry waiting for you, kids need to be picked up, and a million other priorities? Something has to give.

Adding in

We like to focus on adding in. This could be adding in keeping a stock of healthy snacks in your car, at your office, or at home. What if you added in lettuce, grilled chicken breasts, and nuts to the grocery list so you can make a quick chicken salad when you get home. Better yet, add in habits like planning. You will have last minute changes and high stress nights to deal with, unfortunately. How about we add in a 5 minute a day checkup. How successful will you be today if the shit hits the fan? (Channeling my dad with that one). What can you do to get ahead of it, that would take 5 minutes?

Tiny habits add up

What if, because you added in some prep work (even just 5 minutes a day), you were able to have something on hand when fast food would have been your only option before? What does that look like? How would you feel? What if it saved you from eating one fast food meal a week? That could easily add up to 1 pound lost a month because you took 5 minutes to create a plan.

Nutrition coaching

Setting you up for success is what nutrition coaches do. We guide you on your journey to the body of your dreams. By helping you identify habits that can be easily added to your routine, we can focus on what works best for you. The habits we start with will be ones you feel 90% confident in and add almost no stress to your day. If you start off with too much, or expecting perfection of yourself, the cycle of “failure” or Yo Yo dieting continues. We can coach you on where to see the most success the fastest, and build upon that.

Changing your eating habits is not easy to do on our own. If it was we would have all done it and have the body of our dreams. We are here to help you with a foundation that lasts a lifetime. Stop the Yo-Yo dieting, and meet with us to have a healthy relationship with food by not talking about food much at all.

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