3 Tips to Stop Self Sabotaging your Goals on the Weekend

It’s Tuesday night and you’re eating dinner. You’ve got a great balance on your plate. Half of it is colorful veggies that were cooked in avocado oil, you’ve got some lean steak and a 1/2 sweet potato.

Eating like a King. But like a King that has a 6 pack and it’s not named Budweiser!

You pretty much do this all week and then..wait..what’s that? Is that Friday calling you?

Who is this masked woman/man?

Your work friends see you all week eating quinoa and berries and then the weekend comes. Like a masked bandit, your weekend friends see you chugging down anything they throw at you!

All week you’ve been good right, a beer isn’t going to hurt? Maybe vodka, that has less calories right? A little OJ mixed in won’t matter – I mean it’s orange juice right? (8 oz of orange juice has more than double the calories of 1 orange – but more on that in another blog).

Weekends have the ability to sabotage all of the effort we make during the week. You’ll end up wondering why you’ve hit a plateau. The answer usually isn’t hard to find.

Here are 3 easy tips to overcoming your weekend sabotage.

1. When you plan, include the weekend. Plan your weekend meals.

Whatever success you had Monday – Friday at say 5pm Happened because you planned for it to happen.

Without a plan, you will just end up down the old path of just winging it and you know where that go you? It got you moving away from your goals and not towards them. If one or two of those are going to be eating out, then account for that in the meals you are cooking. Do better.

2. Make better choices when you are out.I preach about incremental choices.

The more small positive choices the better.

Like the choices you make during the week. We often forget about the small choices on weekends. Those choices move you away from your goals just as fast as the positive ones move you towards your goals.

Look at the menu and find better choices. Fill your plate up with veggies. If someone is forcing you to eat a dessert, or have a second sugary drink, knowing full well you have a goal, do they really have your back? Or maybe you haven’t told them about your goals. Which leads me to…

3. Tell your circle. “I have a goal and I’m sticking to it!”

Tell the people in your circle that you have a goal and that it’s important to you.

Ask them for their support when they are around. Just because you don’t eat their new favorite dessert doesn’t mean you don’t love them. It means that you are taking care of you. No one else is going to. You have to make the effort.

If you’ve become stagnant in moving towards your goals, look here first. See where you can improve.

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Coach Jennifer

PS – It’s NEVER too late to start. You won’t regret it. But what you will regret is one year from now being in the same place you are right now.

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