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3 Ways Overthinking Fitness and Nutrition is Holding You Back

Overthinking Fitness and Nutrition will make our already busy lives feel even busier! Taking the first step towards a healthier lifestyle often gets tangled in a web of details that are not necessary. You might find yourself choosing between different diets or hesitating to step into the gym, based on a concoction of reasons formulated by overthinking. At Northglenn Health and Fitness, we recognize that the journey to health and fitness is not just about moving your body, but also about easing your mind into a space of clarity and focus.

Here we will unravel the three critical areas where overthinking might be creating roadblocks in your fitness and nutrition journey. Because, at the end of the day, the battle is as much about what to put on your plate as it is battling against the unnecessary clutter in your mind.

1. Overthinking Fitness and Nutrition by trying to Follow A Specific Meal Plan

In the pursuit of fitness and wellness, many need to overcome fitness and nutrition overthinking by kicking meal plans to the curb. We can easily fall into the trap of rigid meal plans, meticulously measuring each meal down to the gram. At Northglenn Health and Fitness, we believe that this approach can actually be a deterrent to your progress. Instead, we propose a simpler, more sustainable method: the plate method.

The plate method encourages you to visualize your meals in portions, without the need for scales and calculators. It makes nutrition straightforward and hassle-free. Imagine your plate divided into portions, filled with various food groups, helping to guide your meal preparation in a balanced and healthy way.

One way to use the plate method is to add vegetables to your plate first, half your plate to be exact! Then half of the rest with protein and split the balance between carbs and fat. This is general advice that you can follow for a balanced meal.

We also recommend focusing on improving one thing at a time, gradually incorporating healthier habits rather than overwhelming yourself with drastic changes. Sometimes, it’s as simple as choosing to eat one more serving of vegetables than you did last week.

Of course, always follow your doctor’s advice. We are here to support a long term lifestyle change strategy!

2. Basing Your Attendance on Your Mood Instead of Your Schedule

It’s not uncommon to find yourself contemplating whether to attend your workout session based on how you feel on that particular day. This overthinking can significantly stall your progress. At NHF, we encourage you to stick to your schedule. We firmly believe in the mantra, “We train the body you bring with us that day.” Overcome fitness and nutrition overthinking just by “showing up” when you have commited to show up.

Our coaches are here to adapt your workout according to your physical state on any given day, ensuring you continue to progress without the risk of burnout or injury. Remember, showing up is half the battle won, and consistent effort, even on the days you don’t feel like it, can bring about profound changes.

The picture of the 4 women above show up 3 times a week consistently, Mon, Weds, Fri at 8am. One is Coach Courtney, far right! Maria and Barb (center) both celebrated how long they have been showing up recently! For Maria it has been one year, for Barb it has been 4 years! Can you imagine the changes in your life after 4 years of consistently showing up vs 4 years of chasing the next new “weight loss quick” scheme?

3. Waiting for the “Perfect Time” to Commit to Your Fitness Journey

Often, people delay embarking on their fitness journey, thinking that there will be a more convenient time in the future where life won’t be as busy. Unfortunately, the perfect time is not coming. Too often people don’t realize that until it’s too late. Don’t be another statistic. Stop overthinking fitness and nutrition by replacing procrastination with action.

It’s vital to start now, prioritizing your health and well-being by scheduling your workouts just like any other important appointment in your life. If someone in your life asks you to de-prioritize your health, it’s time to reconsider their place in your life. Ask yourself, “What advice would I give to my daughter?” This perspective will guide you in making decisions that are in your best interest.

Simple & Consistent Always win over Overthinking Fitness and Nutrition

Overthinking can be a substantial roadblock in your journey to improved fitness and nutrition. Remember, trying to be perfect, or have all the answers figured out before starting, is like trying to do calculus when you are in 2nd grade math. It’s not about you not being able to understand, we know you are more than capable, it’s that it isn’t your job to understand and you have a million other things you have knowledge about & this wasn’t your career path. It is ours.

We have studied and follow a simple yet consistent approach that can be much more effective than a complex one fraught with hesitation and delay. Trust in the process, prioritize your well-being, and embark on a journey to a healthier, happier you with Northglenn Health and Fitness.

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